Love them or hate them, The Chainsmokers have been dropping tons of music this year, with “Beach House” as the latest in their 2018 catalog. The dance-pop ballad dropped over the weekend, accompanied by a chill, artfully-produced music video. Overall, “Beach House” is most easily described as a return to the classic Chainsmokers style.

The Chainsmokers have surprised fans this year with some experimentation in their style. Take, for example, their track “Save Yourself” with NGHTMRE – which has elements of much harder electro-house and trap styles. With “Beach House,” the boys are returning to a more familiar style reminiscent of their early days.

The title comes from the opening line of the track, which is: “Woke up on the west side /
Listening to Beach House taking my time.” Beach House, if you’re unfamiliar, is an indie dream pop duo signed by Sub Pop Records. The title of the Chainsmokers song originates from this opening line, even though the track bears no semblance to the style of Beach House.

The Chainsmokers spoke about the name of the track in a Twitter post written the night that it dropped:



So, how is the Chainsmokers song, “Beach House?” In short: it’s okay. Drew’s vocals have noticeably improved, which is the strongest selling point for the track. You can certainly hear improvement if you compare the vocals of “Beach House” to, say, Drew’s part in “Closer.”

The rest of the track is essentially pop-ballad ear candy. It’s an elegant track in terms of melody and overall flow, but it’s not particularly earth-shattering. The catchy melody and stellar vocals make it a prime contender for remixes, though.

“Beach House” is at least worth a listen – after hearing the chorus a couple times over, you’ll find yourself humming along.


Listen to “Beach House” below and let us know: do you think Drew Taggart has improved his vocal skills? Is this track a win for the duo? Share or leave a comment below! 

The Chainsmokers – “Beach House”



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