Bangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically they’re made of quartz, but there is also an array of quality that’s available. Cheaper quartz tends to wear down quicker and also not be as effective at retaining heat as higher quality material. Regardless of whether you have a cheap banger you picked up from the counter at your favorite rec store or a high-end American made quartz banger, they will chazz.

Chazzing happens when the banger has a flame applied to the bottom or the sides are exposed to an excess amount of heat for an extended period of time. Causing your banger to develop a soot colored layer to the inside of the cup portion. The discoloration of the quartz is a result of failure to manage the temperature of your dabs appropriately.

How To Not Chazz Your Quartz Banger

Dropping a dab into a hot banger creates the chazzing effect that lessens the appeal of the banger. Not only does this impact the taste of your dabs and the longevity of your quartz, but those fancy melt shots people put on Instagram will also look trashy.

To prevent this from happening you will need a couple of things, and a little bit of patience is required. You can’t just drop a dab into a hot banger and expect it to taste good or melt appropriately. This also takes a little bit of practice. Different thicknesses of quartz retain heat at different rates.

Photo by @ellevibey

Properly Temping Your Dabs

I typically heat my banger up for under 20 seconds and let it cool down for 50 seconds to a minute. Do not let the quartz get red hot, that makes it easier for you to burn your dab. Always clean your banger after each dab. Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol work just as effectively as cleaners specifically designed for quartz bangers.

To enhance your dabbing experience some people purchase temperature guns or Terpometers. They can use these to monitor the temp of their banger as it cools down. Regardless of the banger that you buy, the better that you treat it, the longer it will last…especially if you avoid those hot dabs.

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