CALLING OUT ALL THE NOSEY FOLK! Chedda Cheese’s new single “She Logged In While I Was Asleep” is a gripe tale of his crazy female getting into his phone while he was passed out and seeing all the tea. Shout out to Apple to for getting rid of the thumbprint and making it so your eyes must be open for face recognition. But nosey folk are nosey folk for a reason so if they really want to, they will find a way.

We all love a good voicemail intro, shout out to one of the voicemail OGs De La Soul with the 1991 track “Ring Ring Ring.” Chedda gives us some context and a voice to our perpetrator, clearly showing the manipulative crazy nature of this female. From a GPS tracker on his car to hidden cameras in the yard. The homies been trying to tell him she ain’t the one but our boy Chedda Cheese in blinded by how bad and beautiful she is but deep down he knows. He should have seen it from the start.

Chedda Cheese is a Canadian singer, rapper, songwriter known primarily for his presence in the battle rap and humor hip-hop scenes. But don’t be fooled by the literally cheesy name and jovial/funny disposition. Chedda’s cheese is sharp having accumulated over 3.5 million views on Youtube as well as opening for artists Lauryn Hill, Lil Dicky, Big Sean, Amine, Wale Anderson Paak and many more! In April of 2018, he signed his first record deal with Mathurmatics Records.

Chedda Cheese – “She Logged In While I Was Asleep”

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