Every month Andrew Freedman, a.k.a. The Cannabis Sommelier, hosts lavish cannabis-infused dinners in Calgary, Alberta. These pop-up events have started to attract world-renowned chefs. The next dinner will feature Saskatchewan native, Chef Darnell Japp on March 24th.

An intimate setting offer the ideal environment to learn, connect and normalize cannabis and its consumption. Small groups are able to wine and dine with high caliber chefs while being educated about cannabis through the vocabulary of beverage and food.

About Chef Darnell Japp

"Elevated Dining" With Chef Darnell Japp: A New Level Of Edible Cannabis

Chef Darnell is a Saskatchewan raised farm boy. Both of his parents are grain farmers; he started working on the farm when he was 6. Then, after getting a job in a kitchen when he was 15, there was no looking back. His roots stay strong in prairie farm culture, but his head is in the clouds dreaming of the most exciting plates possible.

He was head Chef at Avec Bistro when it opened, setting culinary standards of excellence in Calgary. Also, he was the executive sous chef at the Rouge Restaurant when it was named one of the top 100 restaurants in the world! Now, he commands that very same kitchen as Chef De Cuisine.

Chef Darnell has always consumed cannabis. Cannabis has been an effective tool for keeping him sane so he could perfect his craft all of these years. 19 years after his foray into the kitchen, Chef Darnell is extremely passionate and excited about pushing culinary boundaries.

“I think my greatest skill as a chef is creating complex and balanced flavour profiles”

Chef Darnell Japp

About The Cannabis Sommelier 

"Elevated Dining" With Chef Darnell Japp: A New Level Of Edible Cannabis

Andrew Freedman is known as The Cannabis Sommelier. Using the worlds most familiar intoxicant (alcohol) he is able to restart the conversation of cannabis in a much more approachable manner.

Andrew is proud to host recurring “Elevated Dining” events with amazing chefs to help break cannabis stigma and help normalize cannabis consumption. Andrew’s mission is simple; he uses beverages and food to reignite the conversation of cannabis. Then he educates using food and wine as a bridge to understanding flavors and nuances of cannabis.

It is important for Andrew that all food be optionally infused and that the events are focused around fine dining and the normalization of cannabis consumption.

“ I am proud to bring the conversation of cannabis to the dinner table”

Andrew Freedman – The Cannabis Sommelier

Interested In Attending?

  • Where: Calgary, Alberta
  • When: March 24th, 2019
  • How much: $150

Where To Find Future Events

Andrew’s dinners are private members only events. Find him on Instagram @TheCannabisSomm or visit his website to find out how you can attend the next event!