There’s nothing quite like getting stoned and eating food. Except maybe marrying the two so that you can get stoned because you are eating food. The standard for cannabis-infused food has always been brownies or something sweet. Chef Ricky Flickenger, along with the Evergreen Market, are breaking that mold with their elevated cookbook, Cannabis and the Art of Infusion.


Most everybody who knows me knows that I love two things, cooking and smoking weed. What better gift to be given than this cookbook. If the cover didn’t say have the word cannabis on it, you wouldn’t even think that this was meant to be an infused cookbook. The cover features a picture of Chef Ricky’s Duck Confit. The recipe for which can be found within the book.

All the recipes have been adapted in one way or another to include the seamless addition of cannabis. While not every recipe in this book is infused, you will find a way to add an infused component to every dish. This cookbook is meant to teach versatility and inspire your imagination so that you can enhance your everyday cooking.”

Chef Ricky Flickenger

Flickenger begins the book talking about the benefits and downsides of using cannabis, where he reiterates the point that every person reacts differently to the effects of cannabis. While he has helped control his personal battles, the same can’t be said to work for the next person.

As he continues, he describes his favorite method of infusion, kief. Chef Ricky says, “Kief offers many pros when it comes to cooking with cannabis: it has a high THC content, it easily dissolves into fats, it has quick decarb times, it has a low cannabis flavor, and it requires no straining of plant material after the infusion process.” Plus no solvents are used, making it safe and natural.

The book also explains micro-dosing, why it’s beneficial, and how to do it. This includes, how to decarb your kief, as well as make the general kief base to infuse dishes with. One of my favorite things about this book is how accommodating Flickenger and The Evergreen Market are to sensitive bodies. Whether you can’t handle a lot of THC or you have Celiac Disease, this cookbook gives you options for every dish.

The Recipes

Although some of these recipes seem daunting to make, like the Pâte à Choux, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Chef Ricky includes his own pro tips to help you make these recipes at a high level. As well, you can find a glossary in the back that further explains important terminology.

There are a ton of great recipes in this book, and I’m still working my way through the recipes. But, I’ve pulled out some of my favorite recipes so far from Cannabis and the Art of Infusion to create my recommended four-course meal menu.


Chef Ricky Flickenger And Evergreen Market Publish Cannabis Cookbook
Salmon Mousse Puffs


Chef Ricky Flickenger And Evergreen Market Publish Cannabis Cookbook
Sweet Potato, Bacon & Caramelized Onion Soup


Chef Ricky Flickenger And Evergreen Market Publish Cannabis Cookbook
Chipotle-Lime Avocado Salad


Chef Ricky Flickenger And Evergreen Market Publish Cannabis Cookbook
Coriander and Lime Flank Steak Sandwiches


Chef Ricky Flickenger And Evergreen Market Publish Cannabis Cookbook
Easy Lemon Curd Phyllo Cups with Blackberries

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