The Chocolate Diesel strain is a high-flying sativa strain that you can smell a mile away. By crossing the original Sour Diesel with the heady Chocolate Thai, you end up with this strain that hits like an espresso shot. Both parent strains lend to the flavor, bringing in notes of pure gas and oaky chocolate that’ll flare your nostrils. This is the kind of strain that you could smoke in the morning to put a rocketed pep in your step.

When you’re looking at a nug of the Chocolate Diesel strain you’ll see plenty of dark and light earthy green hues with the cheesy orange pistils curling out. The trichomes are packed tight along its outside and inside, acting like glue. The nugs themselves are fluffy yet sturdy, and look like they were plucked from a lush forest. When you break some open, you get an electric shock of bittersweet chocolate terps that resolve to a noisome gas.

The terpenes that come from the Chocolate Diesel strain’s parents include myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha-pinene. With the balanced nature of the Choco D, it’s not crazy to infer that its dominant terpenes might be beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and alpha-pinene.

Chocolate Diesel Strain

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The pungent spicy aromas that it initially has with some sweet, yet tart and bitter undertones suggest this to me. This would also explain why many users report this strain may give you immense energy and an overall lift to your mood. It may be the perfect strain for stress-relief and nagging anxiety.

Smoking on some of the Chocolate Diesel strain may widen your eyes. The acrid gassy flavors translate seamlessly, while you’ll eventually pick up the almost dark chocolate-rich tart flavors in the resolve. A few hits of this strain may lift you up into a soaring high that laser-focuses you into whatever you’re doing, while simultaneously energizing you like a battery. You might find this strain to be a great addition to your lunch break during a busy workday.

Other Chocolate Strains: Lava Cake, Chocolatina, Chocolate Frosted Sherbet, Chocolate Blackberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, & Chocolate Thai.

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