Chocolate happens to be one of my favorite foods. I still get the occasional crazy craving for it, even though I hardly consume it anymore. Gadsden Gardens grows a Cholate Frosted Sherbet strain that satisfies that uncontrollable craving that’ll cause me to eat an entire tray of Olivia’s Super Free Brownies. The brownies are delicious, the consequences usually aren’t. Luckily, this Gadsden Garden strain might fill that chocolate void, at least temporarily.

An indica-dominant strain bred from Sunset Sherbet and Chocolate Frosting delivering a potentially powerful one-two punch. Setting the cannabis up to be a heavy hitter is the genetics and appearance of the cannabis. Remember the days when a certain shade of green meant the cannabis was going to be fire? Chocolate Frosted Sherbet has that same appearance. The color takes me back to high school and buying dubs in the parking lot after school.

Most Oregon brands don’t package their cannabis in branded jars and Gadsden Cannabis keeps with the tradition. You’re able to smell the cannabis in a large jar at the store before making your purchase. This strain smelled incredible. A combination of a sweet aroma with some pine mixed into it and hints of kush.

The Chocolate Frosted Sherbet Strain Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Frosted Sherbet was not something I should have smoked before going to the gym. Getting off my couch proved to be quite difficult. My eyelids slid down my eyes as they got heavier. I felt my fingers starting to move slower across my keyboard as I made an attempt at sending some final work emails. If you’re looking for something to help you relax, this is it. If you have a to-do list like I typically do, I’d avoid this strain.

Total Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 24.89%

Chocolate Frosted Sherbet Strain Overview

  • Indica
  • Genetics: Chocolate Frosting and Sunset Sherbet
  • Aroma: sweet, kush, and pine.

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Gadsden Gardens - Chocolate Frosted Sherbet
Product Appeal9.2
Would You Recommend?8.9