SKöRD, which is Swedish for “the crop,” is one of those “top shelf” brands I’ve been familiar with for years. Only recently have I been learning more about why they deserve the shelf space and the price point that goes with it. The apex of their efforts on their relatively small operation out in Clark county is their Chocolatina strain from Exotic Genetix.

By combining Tina, another Exotic Genetix strain, with Mint Chocolate Chip, an already rare strain that crosses SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon, you get the Chocolatina. It ends up being a little bit more of a sativa-leaning hybrid that just looking at you can tell is going to be stinky.

Opening the jar, I was hit with such an incredible medley of terpenes that ranged from earthy and skunky, to doughy and sweet. You’d think some of the flavors would contradict each other with this strain but everything smells so lovely together in an almost sweet and savory swirl. Looking at this weed is tantalizing alone, as it’s literally caked in trichomes. Grinding this up will undoubtedly produce mass amounts of kief. Underneath the blizzard of crystals you can see a dark, earthy green to the nugs that lends to some of its indica heritage from the Tina.

Cracking open a nug, you get this immensely cheesy, nutty, and musky whiff that tells me the Mint Chocolate Chip is lending a solid amount to the terps. If I had to take a stab at the three dominant terpenes in this strain I’d have to guess caryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene. After the cheesy spicy blast, you can pick up floral notes underneath that make it almost smell like mint chocolate.

Chocolatina Strain by SKöRD

What I was expecting from this strain was an energizing high that simultaneously gets you zoning a little harder than you’d want. I respect Skord for the fact that they hunt the terps more than they try to hit high THC percentages, so I was counting on some Entourage Effect action as well.

After rolling the Chocolatina up in a king-sized joint I went outside to spark up and enjoy. The smoke on this strain is incredibly smooth, barely making me cough even if I took big rips. This is the tell-tale sign that I tell people makes good weed comparable to fine wine—it literally goes down smoother. On the tail-end of a nice earthy, yet cakey flavor I found subtle sweet notes that didn’t make the minty spice of the strain send my lungs into a frenzy.

The high that came after was a lot of what I was expecting—pleasantly jarring. I came back inside to melt into my desk chair while my mind was reeling with thoughts. This is definitely a strain unlike any I’ve ever smoked before, and it felt like a treat.

Chocolatina Strain Overview

  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Genetics: Tina x Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Aroma: Minty, Cheesy, Piney

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Estimated Total THC: 16-18%

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SKoRD - Chocolatina
9.4Overall Score
Product Appeal9.2
Would You Recommend?10