The year-long legacy of Babatunde has spread from many corners of the electronic music community and the legend of its origins are ambiguous. Pixel Terror claims that it comes from an Uber driver in the LA area. However, it may only be an homage to Polish WWE wrestler and former Vikings football player Babatunde Aiyegbusi. One thing we do know is that the song slaps, and every version of it, including the most recently, dropped flip by Chomppa.

The up-and-coming Philadelphia native dubstep producer released this weird, trippy flip for the one-year anniversary of Babatunde’s release. And a fair warning, it’s really good. The ratio of original to new sounds don’t overpower each other. The use of obscure voice sampling really creates something along the lines of a spacey vibe, like before. But as if it was introduced to mind-altering drugs. This Babatunde flip is a great track, check it out!

Chomppa is a newer up and coming artist, with releases on Subcarbon Records (Ganja White Night’s label) and Drama Club Records (Boogie T’s label), as well as a mix feature on Emengy’s podcast series. Expect more to come from him, so be sure to follow him on his social media channels below!

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