Oregon’s Grön Chocolates is changing the game when it comes to creating craft edibles. Combined with a sustainable, environmentally-conscious business. Christine Smith, founder of Grön Chocolates, is not messing around. Her company only utilizes responsibly-sourced ingredients. Soon they became Oregon state’s first fully compliant edible processor. Completely certified by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture and the Oregon Health Authority! It ain’t easy.

Grön is an industry-leader in cannabis and CBD-infused edibles in Oregon since 2015. By 2016, Grön chocolates were made available to medical-marijuana card carriers a full-year before Oregon legalized recreational cannabis. Today, several cacao varieties and flavors are available in more than 400 dispensaries across Oregon. Each product reaches the consumer in biodegradable, child-resistant packaging. These chocolates are easily slipped into your lunchbox every weekday.

Christine Smith founded Grön in 2015 to help chronic pain sufferers enjoy extraordinarily delicious chocolate. The name is the Swedish word for green, and it invokes Christine’s studies in Denmark. Combined with her love for all things sustainable and Scandinavian. Thus we find her deep in the chocolatier game.

While working full-time with builders and developers on behalf of a Portland architecture firm, Christine immersed herself in the nuanced and elusive art of chocolate-making and infused her recipes with cannabis oil extract.

Christine and her people found a big opportunity to utilize CBD and its therapeutic qualities.  Smith and co. made a breakthrough in which CBD is derived from the bark of an Asian pine tree. It is completely non-psychoactive, and anyone can enjoy its benefits.

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We recently chatted with Christine at a 7/10 industry night Passport Cannabis hosted in Portland. We thoroughly enjoyed all that she had to say. Their active endeavors towards running a clean, sustainable, organic, and delicious cannabis business are clear.  Find their products at your nearest rec shop today!