If you’re looking for affordable prices on top-shelf brands, you need to visit City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC.) A subsidiary of The Cure Company, CCC has every strain imaginable from them readily on-deck. The cannabis lovers of LA have been seeking out this dispensary since 2006. As one of the OG’s, they largely represent the culture of cannabis in LA. The Cure Company also cultivates Nipsey Hussle’s hallmark Marathon OG strain, and usually always has a fresh batch at the dispensary.

Their showroom is expansive and has vaulted ceilings and an overall sleek, futuristic, and industrial feel to it. The menu at City Compassionate Caregivers feels expansive as you gaze around the showroom at all of the lit-up displays. It’s worth noting that there are some of the most affordable prices for cannabis concentrates at this particular dispensary. Their regular hours are 8am-9pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-10pm Fri/Sat, and 10am-8pm Sunday. 

Normalizing cannabis use is a huge part of the way that CCC likes to operate. When you enter their dispensary you feel like you’re entering the VIP section backstage at a big concert. The staff is kind and knowledgable about the recreational and medicinal benefits of the herb. They take their time with each customer to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re heading in to celebrate 7/10, then you’re sure to be met with an agreeable sale and prices you can’t beat.

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Sought After Concentrate Brands For Unbeatable Prices

Cannabis concentrates can get a little pricey in LA. City Compassionate Caregivers does a phenomenal job of keeping your wallet in mind. Some of our favorite extractors lining their shelves include Moxie, STIIIZY, Buddies Brand, Church Cannabis Company, Wonderbrett, and Ember Valley.

Product Recommendations

Friday is the newer stoner holiday of 7/10 aka OIL day, so it’s worth stocking up during City Compassionate Caregivers’ sale. They’re likely to be running some pretty solid deals on some of your favorite brands. 

If I had to choose some standout products, the first would be the Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts from Buddies Brand. CCC currently carries their Grape Triangle Liquid Diamonds Live Resin CCell cart. OG flavors swirl with sour red grapes to create a potent indica hybrid that anyone might find ample relaxation from. They’re also carrying their Sunset Sherbet Fresh Frozen Live Resin dabs that are another favorite of mine for an evening dab of citrusy sour goodness.

It’s worth pointing out that you can find over 150 different vape products on City Compassionate Caregivers’ menu right now. The Lemonade Cured Resin cart from Friendly Farms is looking pretty appealing though. Bursting with citrus flavors and potentially enlivening and stress-relieving effects, this cart seems like an easy choice. It’s a little pricey at $45 before tax, but sometimes the flavor means more to me than the dollars.

For affordable yet extremely clean dabs, The Cure Company has plenty of options. First, their Animal Face Rosin Coin is only $40 before tax. That’s a great price for some rosin that would presumably come brimming with earthy animal cracker deliciousness. There’s also The Cure Co’s SFV OG Rosin Coin for the same price. I’m a big fan of the gassy potency of a proper SFV OG, so this would be another easy choice.