City Hippie’s Love Ties is an enchanting album pushing us through the extremes of lust and love. This group of creatives currently reside Humboldt County, an area known for sprawling Redwoods and perfect cannabis growing climate. Love Ties, is written and performed Archie James with features from others in the collective such as Wierdo, Onest, and Reeph. Each song felt like Rafiki presenting Simba to the world to be adored.

“Demons” opens the project walking us through the nostalgia of a relationship far removed from the honeymoon phase. Juice’s formula for each of these sultry beats is perfect from keys, to snare, to the touch of hi-hat. Archie’s flow is the devil on your shoulder crooning gritty, raspy, sexy affirmations you can’t help but notice. You’ll notice the professional caliber of City Hippie’s music and the momentum growing from their artistry. Last year the collective performed alongside, Bhad Bhabie, at the Fremont Theater. The album progresses this love-hate relationship with song “Mistress.” When we reach the end “Smoke in My Room” we find James alone with his thoughts.

City Hippie has tapped into what it takes to make lit yet compelling music. From the vocals to the production this collective deserves all the blessings coming their way. Don’t sleep on these talented folks.

Peep City Hippie’s latest project Love Ties below:

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