“We love what we do , and want to be around for a long time to come.” This sums up what the owners of Northwest Riders want. Success for a lifetime.

Northwest Riders started in February of 2004 by Greg Young in Bellingham, Washington. At that time they just weren’t sure how well they would be doing 8 years down the road. With Sean Kilgas, a famed wakeboard cinematographer showing up with a handful of just quick, thought up shirts, mainly for giveaways, family, and friends. They were a hit.

It was just this that convinced Kilgas to give Young the okay for the brand.

The initial idea of the shirts were just to pay for things here and there and continue to keep up with sales, but after Young graduated from WWU, he knew this is what he truly wanted to do. In year two of their business, Greg, Sean Kilgas and a few friends were offered a chance to begin traveling with Malibu Boats for their wakeboard Clinic tour for their Just Ride series.

After traveling all over the Northwest, they had realized this was an open opportunity for them to get the word out there about their line. The lifestyle they all loved, laid-back and living the riders dream, couldn’t have gotten any better. This is when they knew their dream could become a reality.

As spring approached, Young was becoming overwhelmed with everything that he had going on. The tour, work, the company, he realized it was time for a second hand.
That was when Zack Clark, creator of was given the handshake and a “Welcome to the company.” Since April of 2006, the company has taken off. More clothes, more hats and a wider audience.

After checking out their line and looking around, they don’t just do things half way, they put full effort into what they are producing. They provide more then just clothing, they provide a lifestyle that people love to follow. With a main audience of wake boarders from around the Northwest, they still have various styles for just about anyone. Wake boarding champion or not.

It is the small companies, the ones that start off as an idea, or even a test run, hit or miss, that come out on top. They make being from the northwest something to be proud of. From pattering the forest tree as their logo, to their pride of what they call home.

Respect My Region has started off in the same direction as Northwest riders, with a few simple ideas, and a lot of love for the Northwest. We can only hope that one day these two companies join forces and do some great collaboration items! To all the people with great ideas, and the ability and drive to push them through to fruition!

Until next time…

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