Journalism professors will tell you to avoid cliches like the plague. But the fact is, cliches exist for a simple reason — some of them are inescapable truths. In the cannabis industry, providing the highest quality product as consistently as possible is something everyone says, but few truly back up. This is where Cloud Cover Cannabis comes in.

Cloud Cover Cannabis cultivates high quality cannabis in Portland, Oregon and came into the market with the mindset of offering premium product. The work they put into growing their cannabis flower showcases their commitment to producing product at the highest levels.

The Cloud Cover Cannabis founders are originally from Buffalo, New York. and harvested their first crop in August 2018. It didn’t take long for the market to notice something great was truly in the works.

In 2019, they entered High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup for Oregon and was awarded a cup for best sativa in the entire state. Joel Ruggerio helped design the facility as well as the standards and practices that brought that award-winning cultivar to market so quickly.

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The Cloud Cover Cannabis Facility

Cloud Cover has created an impressive balance between a high-tech commercial operation and a boutique-driven approach to overall plant care. Their facility’s systems are operated using sophisticated artificial intelligence. The intelligence helps the Cloud Cover operation run the lights, water, and nutrient cycles for all of the grow rooms.

Even with the technology’s assistance, the crew is still as hands-on as ever. They scrub the entire facility spotless from pole to post and they spend ample time with every plant in the building. The combination of technology and in-person support is what allows healthy and happy plans to grow while producing commercial sized yields week in and week out.

Crafting A Diverse Menu

These days, you won’t get far without quality genetics and a poppin’ strain menu. For Cloud Cover, their menustarts with their staples like Sour Tangie, Katsu Bubba Kush, and Presidential Kush. Each of them bringing something wonderful to the table in terms of flavor profile and potency.

The Cloud Cover team has a genetics library that’s over 1000 cultivars deep and they keep around 50 in rotation at any given time. From Ice Cream Cake to Gelato, to Mac 1, you just never know what the next popular strain will be. This is why Cloud Cover employs several strategies at once to stay ahead of the curve.

Ice Cream cake nugs
Ice Cream Cake

Their team operates on what it calls a wave model, meaning they want to be able to get strains in and out of their rotation quickly based on the needs of the market. Quality genetics is also crucial — their Cannabis Cup winning Strawnana is a prime example. It was developed by DNA Genetics — a breeder who has proliferated the market with popular strains like 24K and Cannalope Haze.

The popular Mac 1 strain is from a cultivator known as Capulator and has been dominating the market ever since it was released. At any given time, Cloud Cover Cannabis wants their menu to be one-part rare/hyped offerings, one-part market staples, and one-part in-house genetics.

There’s no denying Oregon does things differently and Cloud Cover is another interesting addition to Oregon’s eclectic collection of cannabis businesses. Learn more about their brand by visiting their website here.

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