When smoking cookies and cream strains, I rarely find myself complaining too much. In my experience, Cookies and Cream is one of those staple strains that I always find myself coming back to. This hybrid cannabis strain tends to carry sugared earthy notes, making for a decadently sweet smoke.

A Bit About Aurum Farms

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Aurum Farms is a Washington State cannabis company operating out of Lyman, Wash. Their premium indoor-grown flower is carefully crafted, refraining from the use of pesticides. When buying Aurum Farms cannabis, you know your flower is free of harsh chemicals or any nasty additives. The small operation provides a special kind of attention to detail, which personally really appeals to me. 

Cookies And Cream Strain Review

The Cookies And Cream Flower Review Feat. Aurum Farms
Image By: Erin Lapsansky

When it comes down to the aesthetic appeal of Aurum Farms Cookies and Cream flower, I am pleased, but not blown away. Their packaging is very simple and clear, with easy-to-read cannabinoid levels.

The Cookies and Cream strain is clearly marked on the top of the jar, making each strain easily recognizable. But, while even their grams are in jars, it is pretty difficult to see the flower before opening the packaging. 

As a budtender during the pandemic, we encourage customers to be hands-free. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that people don’t exactly love this. Individuals purchasing cannabis ought to be able to check out their nugs one way or another, you know? 

My Honest Experience

As a budtender, not being able to clearly show the product through the packaging has proven to be pretty telling. Whether or not a customer is going to choose to buy the eighth or not, largely relies on what the flower looks like. Is it fluffy? Coated in trichomes? People need to know!

Once I opened up the packaging to check out the flower, I was a bit surprised. From top-shelf cannabis, I have come to expect a greeting of aromatic terpenes when I crack the seal. In this case, the Cookies and Cream strain lacked a strong aromatic presence. The small nugs were light in color, and light in any appealing fragrance. This translated into the flavor of the smoke as well. 

Where I usually expect Cookies and Cream strains to provide a sweet and vanilla-like smoke, the hybrid strain by Aurum Farms was lacking. There were very faint earthy notes, but nothing too satisfying to the pallet.

The high was balanced and clear-minded, as hybrids often are. Although it was testing as fairly high THC percentages, Cookies and Cream by Aurum Farms also didn’t drive it home in the potency department.

Ultimately, I was really just not impressed with this Cookies and Cream hybrid strain by Aurum Farms. Not to say it was bad, or that their other strains aren’t more potent and flavorful, but this strain was nothing out of the ordinary, in my experience. 

The Cookies And Cream Flower Review Feat. Aurum Farms
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