I gave the Pineapple Crush Pioneer Square edibles by Craft Elixirs a try and was very pleasantly surprised. I am not usually one for gummy candies but this fruity THC/CBD edible is one I would buy again.

Craft Elixirs is a new addition to the shelves at the dispensary where I work and boy, am I pleased. They also use local Washington cannabis for their infusions with small-batch artisanal recipes.  

The Seattle based edible cannabis company is producing elixirs, concentrates, oils, and artisanal candied “Fruit Nom” squares. Craft Elixir’s is crafting products that appeal to new and seasoned users. The small-batch infusions are intentionally crafted with a range of THC and CBD levels, catering to a variety of uses. These fruit chews are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and free of GMO’s- what more could you want in an edible?

I personally use cannabis edibles for sleep and anxiety, so I look for higher CBD levels. The Pineapple Crush Fruit Nom is a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, with 5mg of each in a single serving. Eating a few of these would put me at that perfect blissful level. I also look for GMO and gluten-free when shopping for edible cannabis, so Craft Elixir’s Pioneer Squares are checking all my boxes.

Unboxing Craft Elixir’s Pineapple Crush THC Edible

I have learned to keep a pair of scissors nearby when opening single-serving edibles,. It makes sense that the individual plastic wrapping is a bit difficult. We don’t want kids to get fooled by the appeal of sweet candy.

I personally liked being able to clearly see the look of the individual edible, and Craft Elixirs provides that experience. Sometimes with edibles packaging, you’re unable to see the actual look of the candy. Being able to see this cute sugared candy was a treat in itself.

Craft Elixir’s Pioneer Squares each have a small piece of fruit in the middle, adding an artisan appeal.  The small chunk of pineapple in their Pineapple Crush Fruit Nom adds a natural feel to the sweet candy.

My Experience With Craft Elixir’s Pineapple Crush Fruit Noms

I was impressed by Craft Elixir’s Pioneer Square’s edibles the whole way through. From their physical appeal to the intentionally crafted artisan recipe to the naturally sweet flavor. I had was already convinced that I would enjoy this edible before I even took a bite.

When I did finally give the Pineapple Crush Fruit Noms a taste, I was greeted with a lovely natural pineapple flavor. The edibles didn’t have any overwhelming fake flavor or taste like cannabis, which I appreciate. The chews were a bit on the sticky side but weren’t getting stuck in my teeth.

I find with a lot of fruit gummy cannabis edibles, they often have an artificial taste or weird texture. Craft Elixir’s Pineapple Crush Pioneer Squares were that perfect balance of natural fruit flavor and candied chewy texture.

I tend to judge whether I really enjoyed an edible by whether I would eat it if it didn’t contain cannabis. And this Pineapple Crush Pioneer Square edibles passed that test with flying colors.

At an affordable price point, with specially crafted ingredients and recipes, how could I not recommend these tasty edibles? Craft Elixir’s 1:1 pineapple cannabis fruit chews check all my boxes for what I consider a quality edible.

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Craft Elixirs Pioneer Squares Pineapple Crush Edible Review: A Sweet Burst Of Natural Flavor
Natural TasteGood ConsistencyAesthetically Appealing Good CBD:THC Ratio
Slightly Sticky
93%Overall Score
More Information Available90%
Would You Recommend98%
Reader Rating 5 Votes