Gary Campbell has made himself a cozy place in the Seattle hip-hop community. Solely based on his genuine love and passion for the scene, as we saw with his compilation record Solar Power. Now he has cataloged a huge portion of the local artists through album reviews on his new website, Crane City Music.

“What? There’s hip-hop in Seattle?”

I get that reaction a lot from outsiders. When you’re a town known for one music genre (grunge) it can be hard to shake that persona. Thankfully now the community has a resource to get familiar with the vast amount of talented artists this little area has produced. You have a few options to get you started.
Crane City Music: The Ultimate Resource To Explore Seattle Hip-HopThe home screen will show you six randomized artists to get you started. All you have to do is click the album cover and it will take you to a descriptive review. At the bottom of that review you can find other projects that artist is featured on, or other artists with a similar sound.

Your next option is simply searching for some of your favorite artists that you already know about. Then listed at the bottom is an alphabetical list of every single review Gary has done.
Crane City Music: The Ultimate Resource To Explore Seattle Hip-Hop

Once you have found some compelling projects, check them out on the official Crane City Music Spotify playlist. Let us know what new artists you found to enjoy in the comments below!

Official Crane City Music Playlist