Mammoth Labs makes cannabis concentrates in the wide open Kittitas County, outside of Ellensburg, Washington. Mammoth Labs and Grow Bros are partnering brands that cultivate cannabis for one reason and one reason only, to extract the best hydrocarbon cannabis concentrates possible. Their facility houses a modest indoor grow operation, as well as a seasonal outdoor crop during the summer/early fall months. This time of month is called “Croptober” in the cannabis community, and it’s a special time of year for many cannabis farms. Fields of terpy strains brandishing flowers as big as your fist, loud aromas can be smelt in the next county.

Croptober Check In Mammoth Labs And Grow Bros LLCMammoth Labs facility had to cobbled together in a field in the middle of Kittitas County. Ellensburg city zoning laws pushed cannabis farmers out into the county. Ellensburg’s city commissioners had poor views on cannabis legalization and pushed some farmers to less than optimal locations. Kittitas County has strong winds that rip through it most times of the year. Fences only help so much, so outdoor crops can be susceptible to wind-burn in their early stages before the stocks become sturdy and the canopy fills in, Connor Jackson said. Jackson is Mammoth’s Lead Extractor and partners with Andy Aversano, Grow Bros and Mammoth Lab’s owner/operator.

Despite all the challenges growing cannabis brings, this crew has found consistent success. Mammoth Labs is one of the most recognizable brands in the state, and it’s not by chance. The combination of great products at fair prices, memorable branding, and highly visible marketing has put Mammoth Labs on most cannabis users radar in some form or another. From full-page advertisements in publications like Culture and Northwest Leaf to consistent attendance at the states biggest cannabis events like CannaCon Seattle, Kush Marketplace, Hempfest, and sponsoring events like NW Leaf’s Tannins and Terpenes, RMR’s Hoopfest After Party and others. Mammoth Labs doesn’t take the “cannabis sells itself” approach that many others take in the industry and the results speak for themselves.

In past seasons, Mammoth Labs has featured Swamp Boys Genetics. This season Mammoth will feature Ethos Genetics. Ethos is packing some exciting cannabis flavors like Banana Hammock, Cherry Sherbet, Sour Pez, Ethos Cookies, Quatro Cookies, Rainmaker, T-Dog, and Terwin Station. All of their flower is grown free of pesticide use.

Mammoth Labs will be using this season’s outdoor crop to power a gang of new products including Mammoth Joints, live resin vape cartridges, and terp diamonds.

Croptober Check In Mammoth Labs And Grow Bros LLC

Connor Jackson in the outdoor garden

Mammoth Joints contain one-game of full flower and two large dabs of cannabis oil. The idea here is that the ember melts the oil and allows it to seep back into the rest of the flower, infusing the entire joint smoking experience with cannabis oil. Jackson is particularly excited Mammoth’s live resin carts. They’ve discovered a new way to keep the resin from re-crystallizing inside the cartridge.

Mammoth’s terp diamonds might be there most tantalizing product coming to shelves are their terp diamonds; isolated THCa combined with pure cannabis-derived terpenes. Isolating THCa and terpenes before recombining them removes all impurities, leaving the purest dabbing experience you can find.

Mammoth Labs and Grow Bros have a goal of outsourcing zero material for their products in the future. They will do this by expanding their operation with greenhouses. The green house expansion will double their yield from 3000 pounds to 6000 pounds.

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