D Smoke has released his debut album, Black Habits, following his EP “Inglewood High.” It seems like 2019 was a big year for D Smoke aka Daniel Ferris. After being the winner of Netflix’s newest reality show Rhythm and Flow, D Smoke shortly released his follow up EP “Inglewood High.” He now has solidified his name in the rap game with his recent debut full-length drop.

When looking at the album, you can see D Smoke holds family close to his heart. The Album cover features an aged photo of D Smoke and his family. Covered with smiles the Black Habits album cover was from a conjugal visit to see his father who was incarcerated at the time.

Throughout the album, there is a reference to these visits between his family and father. D Smoke was interviewed saying, he had grown up with accepting different forms of visits with his pops. Between collect calls at home vs visits between two-inch-thick glass, and conjugal visits where the family would be in jail with their father in an apartment like a cell, “all locked up together.”

D Smoke – Black Habits

It is evident family is a big theme throughout the album. His mother was a well-renown backup singer and his brother is a famed artist on Kendrick Lamar’s record label. More interesting none of his family had had any sort of musical education. They learned and honed their talents through church and gospel.

This album is a big step for D Smoke. An interview between him and Vice had him explaining, how he was always planning on Black Habits as an album. He continues describing how the album is more put together than “Inglewood High,” which had more of a live feel. Black Habits hits an era of rap that seems to be lost.

As a result, it gives a taste of nostalgia, depending on their age and when they got into the rap listening game. Or a reminder of such styles as Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. D Smoke raps about his upbringing and the truth of his life and comes up from the Inglewood neighborhood.

It’s always refreshing to hear songs that incorporate real musicians and instruments into the track. Furthermore D Smoke likes to also incorporate some Spanish rapping throughout the album. This keeps the album unique, interesting and feels real. As a result, this is great considering he grew up with the language but also was a former Spanish and music theory high school teacher.

D Smoke – Black Habits ft. Jack Gouché (Official Video)

Continuing his release and outreach to new listeners and fans. He has recently released a new music video for the album title single Black Habits. In just a few days, the video has already reached over 1 million views. No small feat for an upcoming artist. Take a moment and check out the video below and embrace not only D Smoke’s sound but also his visual storytelling.

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