D Smoke of Inglewood, California was recently deemed the winner of the first-ever season of the newest show taking Netflix by storm, Rhythm + Flow.

Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. search the music meccas of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago for the next breakout star in hip-hop. This particular hip-hop competition was dope because it featured on the spot feedback from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Jadakiss, Big Boi, plus a few other legendary artists from Chicago and New York.

Rhythm + Flow was incredibly different from what we’ve seen music competitions do in the past. This competition featured freestyles, battle raps, group cyphers, artists having to create original songs with BIG NAME producers for a live-performance, plus creating another original song accompanied by a music video for the finale. Not to mention that artists would receive feedback from T.I., Cardi B, and Chance The Rapper.

D Smoke’s final creation on the competition was an incredibly powerful song called “The Last Supper. As an artist, D Smoke has the vision and language skills to craft each song in a way that gives listeners a powerful image.

On various songs, he raps in English and Spanish seamlessly and is able to do it in perfect translation, or as a poet with clever rhyme schemes. No matter which way he spits, it still goes hard as fuck.

The judges named Smoke champion which also included a no strings attached cash prize of $250,000. D Smoke was also given the opportunity to perform on Spotify’s RapCaviar live concert stage in Miami.

The 33-year-old artist, who also taught Spanish and Music Recording at Inglewood High School, beat out three other very talented contestants in the final round. Flawless Real Talk, Londynn B, and Troyman were all incredible artists in their own right.

In an interview with TV Guide, Smoke said that the experience was exciting and overwhelming but, taking little time off, he got right back into the studio.

“Since I won, I’ve been spending time with family. I did some traveling—I went to Atlanta. And, of course, I’ve been doing a lot of music. I shot three music videos. Two projects were already in the works prior to the show, and another completely new one is coming.”

via D Smoke interview with TV Guide

One of those projects is his recently dropped EP Inglewood High. A seven-track project filled with new music gives the masses a bigger bite and taste of who D Smoke is. Every song is quality but for our team at Respect My Region, notable tracks include Inglewood High, On Paper, Honey Jack, and Ain’t You. Listen below and make sure to follow D Smoke on all social media to support.

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