DaBaby has dropped a new single titled “Find My Way.” The “BOP” and “Suge” hitmaker has been at the forefront of hip-hop the past couple of years. From having pop collaborations with artists such as Camila Cabello to connecting with Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, and Chance The Rapper; he’s built an impressive resume for himself. Knowing that he’s made big moves, he’s not slowing down. This is evident with his latest single, as he continues to prove why he deserves the continued attention from the game.

His new single “Find My Way” has a different sound compared to his other songs. With previous releases, it was very bass-heavy often highlighting bouncing 808’s with catchy melodies. The instrumental is rather sparse with a guitar lead mainly heard. His melodic vocals combined with his in-depth and realistic lyrics is the focal point of the song. This is arguably a new sound for the rapper. No one is complaining because it shows a different side to his artistry.

DaBaby is making big steps forward and stepping out of his comfort zone. While he presents a sound that is a bit different, it’s interesting to see him offering different looks with his music.

DaBaby – “Find My Way”

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