Instagram cannabis personality Dabbing Granny is being cancelled after openly stating racial slurs on Instagram live. Gail Olson got her start to social media fame in 2015 after videos of her taking dabs went viral on social media, giving her the name Dabbing Granny. Since then she has maintained an Instagram following of 1.4 million followers. Even featuring an Instagram Live with Drake.

Her most popular videos are of her doing a series of party tricks. Taking a dab, a shot, clearing a bowl, and finishing by chugging a pint of beer all in one breath. While these videos are what made her internet famous, her party tricks have aged poorly. Resulting in her being overly intoxicated, ranting about social and racial topics on Instagram live. 

Instagram Live

On May 24th Granny posted an Instagram live where she openly said the n-word, including the hard ‘r’. During her live broadcast she told a story about her daughter in jail and said, “What the fuck’s your problem [n-word].” Granny later posted two different lack-luster apology videos. Stating, “I’m not sorry I got caught. I don’t believe I did anything wrong.” After further backlash she then deleted her original post and her two apology videos. Although Instagram didn’t forget or forgive her statement, and continued to comment on her recent social media.

On July 6th Granny posted an Instagram live with rap artist Chris Crayzie. In the video she asks Crayzie, “I wanna know, why you brothas can call each other [n-word].” During this video Granny is visibly intoxicated and can be seen pouring herself another drink. Crayzie then states, “The drunk Granny is the racist Granny you guys.” Later on, Granny says, “Wait I’m gonna say it, this [n-word].”

A petition on titled, ‘Delete @dabbing_granny from Instagram’ has over 4,000 supporters to cancel Olson and have her removed from social media. Now on July 9th all of Dabbing Grannys social media has officially been deleted. Gone but not forgotten, as many followers have taken screen recordings of her racist statements on Instagram Live.


 Social media and the cannabis industry are keeping creators accountable for their racist marks both in the past and present. With Dabbing Granny having past affiliation with popular cannabis brands like Megatoke. It will be interesting to see if she is denounced as an ambassador. In the past some popular social media personalities have been forgiven for their remarks and have bounced back with followers. However, with two different apology videos from Dabbing Granny being posted and deleted, and little accountability taken since. It doesn’t look like a comeback from her will be happening anytime soon.