Dabstract has one of the best terp sauces in Washington’s 502 market. Their oil is extracted from only the highest quality full flower material. A lot of brands use trim, stems and b- grade cannabis for their oil, but Dabstract makes sure to work with top-tier producers like Soulshine Cannabis to provide you with a top end product.

One of our favorites among them is the Purple Kush Terp sauce. This is a pure indica strain created as a potent cross between the popular Hindu Kush and the heavy hitting Purple Afghani. Users describe the purple kush to have an immediate uplifting and euphoric head high, followed by a completely pain-free and slightly introspective couch lock.

Dabstract Oil

We have been looking for a good strain to help with sleep and Dabstract’s Purple Kush might just be our new favorite. Once the cap opened, I immediately knew it was game over. The sweet kush and earthy notes aggressively slapped my senses making me feel like a kid the night before Christmas.

When I took my low temp dab, the sweet pinene and peppery terpenes covered my tastebuds. The smoke was smooth and the flavor was sweet and piney with noticeable earthy/kushy undertones that lingered on the exhale. This was accompanied by a warming and numbing body high that started in the head and spread throughout the body, leaving me completely relaxed and ready for bed. I found myself having introspective thoughts which made me quiet and was exactly what I needed before sleep. My body felt pain relief, my mind was at peace and I was truly ready to go to bed.

Dabstract Oil

Purple Kush Terp Sugar Cannabinoid Breakdown


THCA- 78.73%

CBDA- 4.18%

Purple Kush Terpene Profile

  • b-caryophyllene-.049%
  • b-Myrcene- 0.47%
  • a-pinene-0.44%
  • a-Humulene-.40%
  • D-limonene- 0.18%
  • TOTAL- 1.98% terps
Where To Find Dabstract Purple Kush Terp Sugar

A Greener Today Bothell 

Marley 420 Covington, WA