DabX creates connoisseur level cannabis concentrates. DabX processes for BadAss Grass, who specialize in tried and true genetics like Snoop’s Dream and Dutch Treat. DabX believes science and technique are what sets their concentrates apart from the competition. DabX specializes in isolating terpenes and cannabinoids and combines them in amazing ways.

DabX specializes in THCa diamonds/isolates, live resin/diamonds, HTE vape cartridges, delta-8 and delta-9 distillate, and RSO (Rick Simpson’s Oil).

THCa Isolates

Also known as THCa crystalline, diamonds, and rocks. THCa is the isolated precursor to THC. THCa, as it stands, is non-psychoactive. THCa must be decarboxylated to turn it into THC. That’s a scientific term for introducing heat. In this case, when the THCa hits your heated nail decarboxylation occurs, transforming it into THC as the vapor travels through your dab rig and into your system.

THCa isolates are raw cannabinoids with little or terpene content. These isolates are highly potent and regularly test upwards of 95 percent.

Live Resin/Diamonds

Live resin comes from plants that are frozen after harvest. Freezing fresh cannabis preserves the terpene profile of the plant, preserving the aromas and flavors as well. Frozen plants produce concentrates that have explosive terpene profiles and moderate cannabinoid percentages.

Live resin has become a popular extract choice because of the intense flavor associated with it. DabX and others are taking live resin one step further. Diamond mining or recrystallization is the process of turning non-decarboxylated concentrates back into crystalline structures, per

Live resin diamonds pack the benefits of pure terpenes and raw cannabinoids. Expect intense flavors and long-lasting cerebral highs.

HTE (High Terpene Extracts)

HTE stands for high terpene extracts. Terpenes can be separated from cannabinoids through different methods, but DabX uses steam to separate and collect terpenes. HTE’s produce bold flavor profiles with moderate to low THC numbers.

Delta 8 & Delta 9 Distillate

THC’s full name is actually delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-9 distillate is a viscous liquid from of THC. Delta-8 distillate is another viscous, distilled version of a commonly found cannabinoid. Delta-8 is incredibly similar to delta-9, but features its own unique properties like lower psychoactive effects and potential cancer-fighting properties, according to Leafly.

RSO (Rick Simpson’s Oil)

Rick Simpson’s Oil is one of the first widely recognized cannabis concentrates. RSO is made with the medical patient in mind. RSO is usually dark in color and lacks flavors because the terpenes and flavonoids are destroyed during the extraction process. Rick Simpson used cannabis to treat post-concussion symptoms and fight his skin cancer. This lead him to create RSO so others could experience the healing properties of cannabis.

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