Daniel Dejman is an aspiring techno DJ who shows signs of nothing short of a bright future. Dejman’s first EP “Prvi” (2018) landed a spot on Beatport’s Hard Techno Chart catapulting his carer forward. His second EP ‘STTÆB’ (2020) dropped this past March.

Now, he comes to us with another bass-heavy, five-minute-long mind-melting techno track called “Go Back.” The track features female vocals, an unusual addition for Dejman. We had the chance to catch up with Dejman about his creative process and how his sound has evolved over time.

The Past

Daniel Dejman Discusses His Creative Process And His New Mind-Melting Techno Track "Go Back"

How did techno become the genre of music you were drawn to?

“I was drawn to it at an early age from crate digging in the record stores and underground rave parties! I was hooked.”

How do you think your 2018 EP Prvi differs from STTÆB in the creative process?

“With STTÆB I had an idea of what I wanted to create, but with PRVI each track was created by experimenting with different instruments in the studio.”

Where was your headspace when creating these two different EP’s?

“With Prvi, I wanted each track to be different in its own way. Two of the tracks I had started and set aside due to writer’s block, but eventually finished. With STTÆB, I had the sound in my head and I built out the main elements one night while in bed.”

Daniel Dejman portrait via ‘Get In PR’

The Present

Tell me about your most recent release ‘Go Back’. What was the inspiration behind this track?

“The inspiration came from a night out with a group of close friends. When I came back home that evening, I immediately hit the studio!”

Prvi landed an accomplishing spot on Beatport’s Hard Techno chart, tell me more about this?

“I was in awe and extremely excited for my first EP to chart in the spot that it has! It was definitely motivating and hard work. My team as well as the label did a phenomenal job of promoting it.”

Following the release of your STTÆB EP and ‘Go Back’, are you working on any new music?

“I am currently working on a EP with fellow Chicago producers and close friends ROJII & Brian Binetti. We are hoping to release the EP sometime in the fall.”

Daniel Dejman Discusses His Creative Process And His New Mind-Melting Techno Track "Go Back"

The Future

Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

“I’d love to be touring in five years and possibly living in a warmer climate!” *Lol*

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

“I’d say my biggest musical inspirations are Joey Beltram, Renato Cohen, and Dj Misjah.”

What drives you as an artist?

“Achieving the goals that I set for myself.”

Dejman is a driven, young artist making his mark in the electronic community. Show some love and stream his newest single ‘Go Back’ on Soundcloud. Check out the link below.

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