Dave East has returned with a new single titled “Believe It Or Not.” Along with releasing a new song, he’s dropped a music video that’s premiered on WorldstarHipHop. Back in November of 2019, he released his debut album Survival. Along with his new album, he’s also received critical acclaim from the 14 mixtapes he’s been releasing since 2010. He’s putting in the work and it’s showing, and his latest release shows exactly why.

He presents many different sounds through the entirety of “Believe It Or Not.” From the haunting sampled backing vocals to dark synths, it highlights the varying themes he talks about. These topics include personal stories and losing people close in his life. His candid and honest flows enhance the slow-burning beat underneath. This accents the complex and dark topics that he discusses throughout.

For fans of Dave East, his new single is a must-listen. The track incorporates many past musical influences, and he only builds on what he’s done previously. He’s putting in the work and not slowing down, and his latest release is a testament to his work and hustle. With showing huge consistency with his releases, he’s bound to drop more new music soon.

Dave East – “Believe It Or Not”

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