Being from the Sac Area, everyone knows the alt-metal band Deftones (especially hardcore fans like me.) We are all anxious for the return of the Sacramento Nu-metal band and their mesmerizingly heavy yet melodic sound.  So on August 21st, fans rejoiced as the band released the titular track “Ohms.” Announcements via Instagram from their same-titled album, along with a music video on youtube, brought excitement.

“Ohms” Brings A Nostalgic Sound With A Twist

“Ohms” is the last track on the album; however, it was the first single teased to fans over social media. I believe this holds some importance to the band, as they named the whole album after the track. “Ohms” is the ninth studio album and seems as if it will uphold the reputation of its predecessors. If that doesn’t excite you, Diamond Eyes and White Pony approach their 10th and 20th anniversaries.

Speaking of White Pony, the designer who worked on that album, Frank Maddocks, also did the art for “Ohms.” Using this to their advantage, the marketing campaign for the album was very cryptic. A coded Instagram post included coordinates for fans to discover their album art billboard in Fairfax, LA.

Ohms Billboard in Fairfax LA
Ohms Billboard Ad Image Via Deftones Instagram

Other posts, such as merch announcements and a sneak peek of the music video, hyped-up fans even more. “Ohms” was set to release this summer but is now delayed due to COVID until September 25, according to the band. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Deftones Frontman Chino Moreno mentions the release of “Ohms”, asking “does it make sense to put it out when you can’t support it? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. I think that’s something we’ll have to figure out sooner than later.” With this thought in mind, Deftones decided to release the music video to “Ohms,” and it’s precisely the type of video fans will say is a must-see.

“Ohms” Music Video Is A Post Apocalyptic Dichotomy of Positive and Negative

The music video premiered on Youtube on August 20th and was directed by Rafatoon using expertly done animation and visuals to paint a picture of an unsettlingly dreadful version of earth. Along with these visuals are shots of the band doing what they do best synced along to the rest of the video. One-shot in particular that has fans abuzz with excitement is lead guitarist Stephen playing a nine-string guitar. Hipster moves, or does this mean a new kind of sound for the band?

A Character from Ohms walking up a flight of stairs
Image via Deftones Instagram

The track starts with heavy angular riffs and Chino singing a chilling intro, as we see two characters and their dreary trek to find each other despite the horrors surrounding them. As the characters find each other in the end, the song takes a surprisingly positive vibe in the second verse. Chino powerfully sings, “This is our time /We devour the days ahead.” The duality of message between the pessimistic beginning to the music video and optimistic end echoes the songs’ ethereal tone and leaves fans with a hopeful note.

What The Band Has To Say About Their New Song

Chino Moreno, in an interview with NME, describes “Ohms” as “a dichotomy of reflecting on negative things, but coming out of it optimistic.” A nod to their similar style of music from their previous albums, but he then goes on to say that Deftones creates a “very brutal music while having these lush overtones and undertones within it is what makes us who we are.”

Check out Deftones “Ohms” below and make sure to check out the album when it releases on September 26th!

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