Lemon Haze is this week at the Tacoma Dome! This is a groundbreaking event bringing in a large-scale amount of attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. The event is expected to draw in over 5,000 attendees! Celebrity comedian performances will also be put on by Doug Benson, Jessimae Peluso, Donnel Rawlings, and Judah Friedlander. Lemon Haze is giving new opportunities for growers and budtenders to form solid connections. Free for any 502 employee to attend, they’re also encouraging anyone outside the industry to attend.

They will be hosting workshops covering a variety of subjects from budtending 101 to “what we know about pain and cannabis.” Keep in mind this is a trade show, then convention, and jam-packed with celebrity comedians! In celebration of this event, Tacoma’s Diamond Green is having a sizable sale on several items to celebrate. The sale will run from Thursday until Sunday the 29th. Learn more about their full menu updated daily on Leafly, as products are always coming and going quickly.Save Big At Diamond Green During Lemon Haze Convention In Tacoma

Doc Croc Carts 30% Off

All cartridges from Doc Croc will be 30% off. A popular strain offered by Doc Croc at our shop is the Blueberry. All of the cartridges from Doc Croc come in reliable CCell containers that are sure to rip as hard as you want them to. This brand consistently delivers high-potency product that flies off the shelves.Save Big At Diamond Green During Lemon Haze Convention In Tacoma

All Mammoth Labs 30% Off

Mammoth Labs located out in Ellensburg, WA create some real crowd-pleasing concentrates. They pull from Grow Bros’ consortium cannabis strains that have insanely high terpene profiles in conjunction with high THC content. We’re talking 12%+ terps here, people! With gorgeous sugar wax, shatter, and crumble to choose from, Mammoth Labs always delivers.Save Big At Diamond Green During Lemon Haze Convention In Tacoma

Snowcrest 1oz For $80

Looking to get the most bang for your buck, but still be smoking good? Snowcrest is your answer. Currently, we have G-13, Gorilla Glue #4, and One Love. G-13 is a classic indica-dominant hybrid strain with a high potency known to perform. Rolling up a few blunts of any of Snowcrest’s flower is sure to enhance your Lemon Haze experience.

40% Off 1g Chem Dawg/Jack Herer From Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Cannabis out of Vancouver, WA is producing high-quality versions of notorious strains. Of which is their Chem Dog, a veritable godfather to countless sativa-dominant hybrids today; it’s a real crowd pleaser. Another classic strain they cultivate is OG Kush. Their variety is indica-dominant, rich in lemon, fuel, and earthy flavors. These are no-brainers you can snag while you’re out-and-about to twist up in a discreet location!Save Big At Diamond Green During Lemon Haze Convention In Tacoma

30% Off From The Soil

Named after the probiotic earth from which it’s grown, From The Soil is growing cannabis with heart and soul out in Elma, WA. In addition to flower, they also handcraft concentrates, live-resin, and pre-rolls. We recommend their Alien Orange Cookies strain, it’s a cross between Orange Juice and Girlscout Cookies—it smells like oranges!

40% Off Evergreen Herbal Sinners & Saints Hard-Candy

With the recent legislation laid down by the Washington LCB on infused hard candies—all of it has to go. Enjoy the tasty THC and CBD-rich candies made with distillate by Evergreen Herbal while you still can. Sinners & Saints is the edibles brand within Evergreen Herbal that creates delicious infused hard-candies. They come in either 100mg THC candies, or 100mg THC & CBD infused candies with flavors galore.

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