Below are just a few of the many reasons that RMR supports Diamond Green in Tacoma. One step inside the store is normally enough to make most people drool, but if you’ve never been there, here are some reasons to get you through the door.

1. Diamond Green has the Finest Recreational and Medical Cannabis

Diamond Green reaches out far and wide to get the best products out there. From brands like Mammoth Labs and their concentrates to Cedar Creek’s impressive buds and Verdelux Chocolates’ tempting infused edibles, edibles from Zoots or Evergreen Herbal or Northwest cannabis solutions, or joints from Rocket Cannabis. This store has the highest quality brands and strains. They even sell “digestify” gut-friendly infused tinctures and infused lubricant for intimate use. They literally have everything.

Here's Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Diamond Green In Tacoma

2. There’s an Awesome Restaurant Right Next Door!

Flipping Out Burgers and Fries restaurant right next door to Diamond Green is the perfect place to stop and get some munchies. Anyone at the dispensary can recommend the place for its burgers and chili cheese dogs. Stopping there is the perfect way to complete your cannabis experience.

3. The Staff Are Very Helpful

Diamond Green is known for having the most friendly employees around. They’re suited with the helpful knowledge to guide you through all your cannabis needs. You can learn an awful lot about cannabis just from talking to their team.

4. The Website’s Live Menu 

Diamond Green holds itself to a certain level of standards for the products they have on-shelf. Their in-depth cannabis rating system will help you find exactly what strain or product you’re looking for, down to how uplifted, energetic, or creative you want to feel from a specific product.

5. The Shared Community Vibe

Customers and reviewers of Diamond Green will attest that there is a solid community vibe within this store. The proof is a better environment and a much more positive experience between the staff and the buyer. This is a reflection of the methodology of Green Diamond and the standards they stand by, but it’s also because of the passion that their team puts into what they do.

Having that community vibe is the biggest reason why I would choose this dispensary as a frequent spot. Community and passion is something you just can’t beat.

Here's Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Diamond Green In Tacoma

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