When you read through all of Diego Pellicer’s Leafly reviews it is clear that the majority of customers have approved of Seattle’s first cannabis palace.

An impressive luxury space has been perfectly crafted to create an atmosphere only fitting for the finest selection of top-shelf marijuana products offered in Washington state.

Although they have only been open for 90 days, the Diego team has already done an outstanding job of providing customers with Seattle’s first legitimate premium cannabis experience.

Since store atmosphere and prime real estate doesn’t solely contribute to a quality cannabis experience, RMR believes it is equally important to mention which brands Diego consistently carries. Diego Pellicer’s full menu offers cannabis products from ten different brands that the cannabis users on our team 100% vouch for.

The brands we trust & recommend include Ethos Innovates, Dabstract, Fairwinds, Gold Leaf Gardens, GaGa Edibles & Extracts, Magic Kitchen, Seattle Private Reserve, and Western Cultured.

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Each of these companies has provided us the most consistent quality experiences and has left us with multiple ‘oh wow’ moments. If you’re looking to purchase top-shelf flower I currently recommend anything from Western Cultured and am in love with the Tangie (Sativa) from Gold Leaf Gardens.

For those in need of chocolate therapy or looking to ‘dab out’, I would go with one or two of GaGa Edibles peanut butter cups or a gram of their extremely potent pure shatter extracts. Their Gorilla Glue tests in at a whopping 98.9%!

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On social media you can find Diego Pellicer on every major network. The most up-to-date information gets posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Leafly, plus each of these locations has been effective for getting in contact with Diego whenever we have had questions or issues.

In case you’re having trouble finding their 4th Ave S. location know that it is less than a mile from I-5, I-90, SafeCo Field, WaMu Theater and CenturyLink Field. They are also next door to a drive-thru KFC-Taco Bell and are directly across the street from an AMPM gas station.

Daily hours run Monday to Saturday from 9am – 9pm. On Sundays they close at 7pm depending on Mariners, Seahawks and/or Sounders games.

For more information shoot RMR an email and we’ll put you in contact with someone.

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