Thanks to Covid-19 and the quarantine restrictions imposed by various state and city governments, the 4/20 holiday ended up being quite a bit different than in years past. With 7/10 upon us, our team was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the first-ever 710 Digital Sesh, Presented By CannaCulture.

We’re still going to be smoking and dabbing pretty heavily. But, instead of surrounding ourselves with a few hundred, or even a few thousand stoners at an event, we’ll be live-streaming a sesh from our in-home studio in Los Angeles. The sesh officially starts July 9th and runs through the 11th. However, our team will be seshing with some of the homies on the 10th. Join me on live tomorrow morning at 8 am PST for a morning sesh and content conversation.

Digital Sesh is entirely free for anyone to join. But, for those looking for a more premium experience can get a VIP pass for only $7.10. Springing for the VIP pass will enable you the chance to win donated prizes such as your very own Magical Butter Machine and kit. You can also win original artwork and some other dope merch.

For More Information, Head To The Digital Sesh Facebook Group
Join Respect My Region On Facebook Live July 10th For 710 Digital Sesh

Currently, we have the daytime line-up for the West Coast on the 10th that you can tap in with below. This is a diverse line-up of entertainment ranging from music, comedy, conversations, and no-holds-barred smoke seshes. The sesh will officially begin tonight at 9 pm PST/12 am EST. Ryan Hilberth of 420 Studio will be kicking off the event. DJ Seeweed will be spinning from 10 pm PST tonight until midnight to keep things rolling.

  • 1 pm PST: Chief Rocker Busy Bee Starski will be reeling everyone in with Cannabis TV’s Joe Travino with some classic boom bap vibes. He’s literally one of the founding fathers of hip-hop and you need to smoke with him!
  • 2 pm PST: Affliction Music is the duo of D-Stylz and High Key. As a group and a real-life couple, they drop inspirational bars and celebrate cannabis.
  • 3 pm PST: King Y0$#! will be tearing it up proper to take us into the 4:20 pm hour of entertainment.
  • 4 pm PST: Mad Dabber 710 is a popular cannabis influencer, activist, and musician that will be filling up the 4:20 pm PST, and 7:10 pm EST slot for the ultimate sesh/performance.
  • 5 pm PST: P-Nuckle is an activism-driven punk-rock-reggae group that will be dropping serious vibes and big facts.
  • 6 pm PST: Twenty Dollar Prophets are an eclectic reggae-rock band that just put out a major music video!
  • 9 pm PST: D Webb is a conscious spitter from Denver, CO that strongly supports Mary Jane.

Following Acts: Killah Priest (from Wu-Tang Clan,) Ponyboy aka Los Marjuanos, Danny Danko, and Sriracha Man. There will even be a “Magical Wake And Bake Breakfast” with Chris Whitener at 9 am PST on 7/10.

Digital Sesh is striving to bring the community together in a huge way. They’re planning to donate over 20% of the profits from the sesh to getting non-perishable food to those in need. Starting from CannaCulture and 420 Studio founder Ryan’s want to sesh with his homies on 4/20 during quarantine, Digital Sesh has become so much more.

With each event, they hope to keep giving back to the community and providing top-notch entertainment for essentially free. Look out for the next one on November 30th!

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