DiRTY RADiO is a soul, R&B, and electronic music group based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the years, they have gained a reputation for creating a multifaceted sound with their music that crosses over many different genres. They have also received a large set of streams over the years, and worked with labels such as Spinnin’, Partyfine, Majestic Casual, and Mad Decent.

Respect My Region had the opportunity to connect with DiRTY RADIO to learn about their creative process, new music, and their thoughts on the evolving music scene in Vancouver, Canada. Check out all the details below!


Respect My Region Interviews DiRTY RADiO

*Interview was edited for clarity*


RMR: For fans that aren’t familiar with you or your music, could you give us a little bit of info related to your background and the culmination of DiRTY RADiO?

Dirty Radio started as a solo project for lead vocalist Shadi and went through multiple transitions until now, both sonically and performance wise. Currently, DR is performing as a live electronic duo despite being made up of the three original members – Shadi, Waspy and Tonez. DR makes House/R&B/Pop music that generally makes people wanna get hype on a dance floor. In the last couple years, we’ve collaborated with other producers/artists around the globe and released different songs on labels like Mad Decent, Majestic Casual, Spinnin’ and many more. 


RMR: I’m interested to know what role each person has in the group! Can you share how each of you approach making a track? Is it something to where you create individually first, or do you create at the same time in the same space?

Shadi is the vocalist, Waspy plays keys and makes beats, and Tonez has a background in classical music who also plays keyboards and handles a lot of the final mixing duties (including mixing all of Shadi’s vocals). We share a studio space and generally the best idea wins despite who comes up with it. We approach making music differently all the time to keep things fresh, but classic DR tracks usually start with a beat Waspy has made. If Shadi is feeling it, he’ll start freestyling melodies and we’ll all go from there to make the best song we can.


RMR: In your new single “Is It Enough”, I love the smoothness of the lead vocals as well as the vocal sampling heard in the background. Can you describe how you created the single? Also, will your upcoming album have the same type of sound and energy or will it be a bit different?

The original “Is It Enough” instrumental was created by a talented up and coming producer friend of ours named Giuliano Rascan. Shadi was inspired to come up with the melodies based on his beat. After we got the initial ideas down, Giuliano went back and tweaked a bunch of sounds. Then we started playing with arrangements and messing with specific parts until we all were happy. As far as our upcoming album goes, it’s vibe fits right in with the rest of the tracks and we can’t wait to share it. 


RMR: Could you talk about the transition between your sophomore album that was released in 2012, and the new album you’re creating now? I’m curious to know what the process is like after not releasing an album for a set of years.

We’re still really proud of Cassette (our record from 2012). We put everything we had into that album, trying to make it sound unique and timeless. It was also largely produced by just the three of us, despite a couple friends that collaborated. With our new record “Pleasures”, we changed our strategy and tried to work with as many different producers that inspired us as possible. It helped us expand our sound and really push DR outside our comfort zone. Despite all the different energy involved, we feel like its our most focused album sonically. Even though we’ve been releasing nonstop singles over the last 4 years, we wanted people to be able to listen to this album from beginning to end as a musical journey.


RMR: With the Vancouver music scene quickly growing, can you talk about what it’s like to be an artist in your home city? Working together for so long, has the changing climate of the music scene impacted the way you create, perform, and release your music?

Vancouver is killing it right now. So many talented people! We’re constantly inspired by all the amazing new artists and friends we have coming by our studio to jam out and make music. Things have changed dramatically (for the better) since we began making music here. The scene has grown and moved away from the traditional rock music that was a Vancouver staple for so long….We’re proud to rep such a diverse city artistically and are excited to continue growing with it.   


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