Every once and a while you meet an artist with a very unique and distinct sound. Diveyede manages to fit in somewhere that has no mold, a grimy/grunge hip-hop that also expresses real emotion and thought. You may remember his September release, “A Visual Experience,” which is almost hypnotic and trance-like hip-hop.

Now Diveyede is here with his latest album, Dead Wait EXE, where he really steps out into the light, or maybe embraces the darkness, and gives us a full taste of the Diveyede experience. The album is 14 tracks of energy, anger, and sprinkle of despair that all together create some headbangers. Tracks like “Tamagochi” and “Never Bow” remind me of artists like $uicideBoy$, Flatbush Zombies, and even a little flare of City Morgue. The duo ZillaKami and SosMula.

Diveyede – Dead Wait EXE

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Taking a huge step in his music career and showing Seattle he’s ready to put on. Diveyede taps Seattle’s much loved Nacho Picasso and really puts that Seattle grunge/grime sound to the forefront. Which so many people outside of Washington forget the city originated and still very much possess within its streets.

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Dead Wait EXE is a well thought out, mature album. In his own artistically chaotic way, Diveyede brings light to thoughts and emotions experience but very few are willing to talk about.


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