One of the National Football League’s most respected running back’s in the history of the league is Marshawn Lynch. The legendary Beastmode made major news recently as he officially announced his entrace to the legal weed market in California. Launching with his 24-karat diamond-infused “Dodi Blunts” brand, these THCa diamond infused blunts are hitting California at 24 “handpicked” Bay Area dispensaries on March 21st.

According to, it was an easy decision for Lynch after learning more about the cannabis industry and being around fire weed most of his life.

I’ve been around dodi most of my life, As I learned more about the business, the financial upside, the good that could be done, and the doors it could open, I knew it was something I needed to be rockin’ with.

And at the end of the day, the industry has the ability to raise up Black and Brown communities—and I intend to lift up those who I can. Plus, dodi allows me to share with the world. What gets me (and my fam) in our zone, so others can get on my level.

Marshawn Lynch

The Seattle legend has his hand in several other ventures including eSports, sports betting, collectibles, and beverages.

What’s dope about this story is Dodi Blunts will be owned by Lynch and in partnership with Toronto-based 2nd and Goal Ventures. 

Jeff Goldenburg, 2nd and Goal founding partner, had this to say about the venture.

Dodi Blunts challenges the traditional concept of ‘Game Day’ rituals and hopes to promote and normalize the relationship between sports and cannabis cultures

Jeff Goldenburg

Dodi Blunts is also partnering with the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit that works to free prisoners doing time for cannabis convictions.

They engage in legislative advocacy, urging state lawmakers to pass criminal justice reform measures such as clean slate initiatives.

Alright so let’s talk about the weed. What is Dodi Blunts?

According to the Dodi Blunts official website and Marshawn Lynch himself, Dodi is basically a word that Lynch and friends use to describe good weed.

“In Oakland, we like to flip and twist shit into our own words. We basically create our own language. There’s “that stunk” or that “Ooh-wee” or “summa that good-good”—you know all types of names that they can call the tree, marijuana. Me and my cousins was fucking around and mutha fucka pull up like… You got some of that dodi? “

Marshawn’s connection to cannabis comes from the culture of the bay area. An area that is less than two hours drive from many of the world’s largest cannabis cultivation sites, the bay area, and specifically Oakland is known for having some of the best weed in the world.

Many people in the region have been consuming cannabis for years and decades, including local athletes like Lynch.

After high school, I started to see how my body responded and reacted to the dodi. During my NFL career, my body took such a beating that on Monday it felt like I’d been hit by a Mac Truck. …so hell yeah that’s when some dodi came in handy for me personally to allow my mind to go elsewhere while my body took its time to recover.

Creating a high quality product was clearly at the forefront of Marshawn’s mind for this brand. Dodi Blunts official website states that each blunt features a palm leaf wrapper and palm leaf filter that is paired with THCa diamonds and Lynch’s preferred fruity, creamy, and potent cannabis flower.

For more information about Marshawn’s new weed brand, visit or DM them directly on Instagram @DodiOakland.

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