You’ve probably heard all the praise cannabis gets. It’s hailed as a solution for stress, anxiety, and many health conditions – both mental and physical. It’s regarded as the natural remedy to all problems of humankind. Some cannabis enthusiasts raise the question – is there anything cannabis doesn’t help with? Can it help you with your sex life, to be more precise?

Does Cannabis Increase Sex Drive?

Well, the topic of cannabis and sex drive is full of controversy in that regard. Some people like to boast that cannabis helps them, and many companies that produce cannabis products advertise claims of boosting sex drive and sexual energy. On the other hand, many of us have experienced embarrassing nights with our partners after cannabis, for whatever reason.

Cannabis Affects Both The Body and Mind

What’s the truth? Let’s take a factual approach. A bit of research has been done in this specific field, but the result was very inconclusive, as libido, or sex drive, was enhanced in some consumers, but decreased in others. Still, these research results were conducted around a small sample, and different researches produced different results. We’re referring to the study published by the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. Until we can hear something more conclusive, we will look at cannabis through its common benefits to body and mind.

First of all, ‘sex drive’ can mean a lot of different things, right? Some people may look at it as the desire to have sex, and with guys, in particular, it’s often associated with sexual potency. And yet, to others, cannabis is a stimulant that helps them relax and approach sex calmly and confidently. As with most things related to cannabis, it’s far from a black and white picture.

The Psychological Benefits Towards A Higher Sex Drive

To pinpoint how exactly cannabis increases sex drive, let’s talk about all the aspects of your body and mental desire it can affect positively. Let’s first note that our bodies naturally have an endocannabinoid system of receptors that are activated by cannabinoids from cannabis, giving us a sensation of pleasure and relaxation. As we mentioned, this feeling can help anxious people relax and ease them into intimacy with their partner. Also, cannabis reduces performance anxiety associated with many social activities, and sex is no different.

Additionally, the feeling of pleasure and the ‘high’ from cannabis will naturally make sexual experiences much more enjoyable. Consequently, sex may become more desirable in general to individuals with low sex drives. If you’re trying to get back into dating after a long time, or have grown cold with your partner, cannabis may help reignite the sexual energy in you.

What About The Physical Benefits?

Cannabis helps relieve muscle tensions and blood pressure, which can carry over into increased sexual potency. An article from the BioMed Research journal states that CBD, an extract from the cannabis plant, may help solve erectile dysfunction by relaxing the blood vessels in the groin and easing blood flow. Again, we are quickly met with controversial results, as researchers generally studied the effect of CBD on the heart, not the reproductive parts.

So while there is no empirical evidence as to if cannabis increases sex drive. But, here is something conclusive for you. If you or your partner are suffering from dryness or painful intercourse, a cannabis-based lubricant can completely change your sex life. You can find various CBD products on the market specifically designed as lubes, and applying them directly on your skin will also contribute to better blood flow and relaxed muscles. Simply put, it’s far better than mere oil. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and muscles and will help reduce irritation to your private areas.

The High Note dispensary carries the brand Ervana that has a pre-roll blend which is a good option for people wanting to dabble in smoking cannabis.

Start Small and Learn How Your Body Reacts To Cannabis

Of course, we are all different in our psychological and physical makeup, so don’t rush things and experiment small. Many people certainly experience a positive change to their sex life with cannabis products, thus giving it a shot can turn out fruitful.

Also, don’t venture far out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to, even if you feel pressured. Some people may feel quite the contrary effects from the ones we outlined. But, you never know. Trust and communication between sexual partners will improve your experiences even further, and we wish you the best of luck.

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