The Downtown Patient Group, or DTPG, has been a staple of synergistic community energy in California cannabis since 2006. After relocating to a 60,000-square-feet free-standing multi-room location on 4/20 last year, they’ve really settled into the industrial district of LA. With an enormous parking lot and vibrant entrance, they’ve become known for what their name implies—catering to patients and celebrating the medicinal qualities of cannabis. 

In addition to boasting a spatial retail space for recreational and medical cannabis sales, their menu has a premier selection. It takes a second to narrow down a succinct number of favorites from California’s foremost cannabis brands. Their staff are mindful cannabis experts that put creditable effort into staying privy to everything surrounding cannabis, terpenes, and their highly curated brands.

The eye-opening size of DTPG has made efforts to maintain social distancing during COVID-19 easy. First-time customers can enjoy 15% off of all of their products with no minimum and have peace of mind knowing DTPG runs a clean and considerate operation. You have the ability to explore their menu and order online for pickup via their Weedmaps page.

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All-star Brands

DTPG has their own in-house brand of cannabis that they’ve been cultivating since 2007. DTPG’s original location/grow is actually where Nipsey Hussle himself came to pick out the infamous Marathon OG. They proudly represent the Marathon OG strain, The Cure Company, and Nipsey’s legacy.

Additionally, there are several easy-choices for noteworthy California cannabis brands. A few include Buddies Brand, The Cure Company, Cookies, Top-Shelf Cultivation, Wonderbrett, Exotic Genetix, STIIIZY, Alien Labs, and Connected Cannabis Co.

Product Recommendations

There are so many products on DTPG’s menu that immediately caught my attention. I could easily find a product from each category that would suit my needs. For cartridges or dabs, I see that they have Buddies Brand’s Gelato Cake in their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts. I would gladly smoke on this before bed all week to taste the dessert-like fruity terps. There may also be some pain relief that kicks in with the Gelato Cake strain.

The flower on the menu boasts so many hitters, but I will always stand by Top-Shelf Cultivation’s Whoa-Si-Whoa strain. If you’re a regular smoker this strain will potentially knock you out of the water. Both in terms of terps and turbo-charged effects. With its gorgeous array of purple and earthy green leaves and resiny nugs drenched in trichomes, it’s one of my favorites in CA.

The Whoa-Si-Whoa Strain Origin Story: Top-Shelf Cultivation Exclusive Interview

The Whoa-Si-Whoa strain by Top-Shelf Cultivation

For edibles, I saw they have the 4oz Cannavis Infused Syrup in the extra strength (over 600mg of THC.) I’ve had infused syrup or “dabynol” as it’s called by some, and the effects are quite enjoyable. Down a little of that bottle and you’ll be sure to find a way to relax not long after. I’d probably pick the guava flavor. The extra strength is currently only available in California as well.

I saw for the topicals that they have Mary’s Medicinals’ THC-Indica Transdermal Patch. I’m always down to find a way to deliver ample THC and other healing cannabinoids in topical form to my aching body and muscles. This method of delivery seems like it might have deeply penetrating and pain-relieving effects.

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