The Dutch Treat cannabis strain feels and tastes just like it sounds: flavorful and rewarding. Dutch treat originated in the Pacific Northwest but has become a household name in Amsterdam coffee shops. Dutch treat is considered an indica-dominant hybrid, yet it has very potentially uplifting effects. Additionally, the lineage of Dutch Treat cannabis is widely unknown.

Although it tastes similar to strains such as Haze and Northern Lights, its true lineage is unknown. Regardless of its unmapped lineage, the strain has been used for crossbreeding of many other popular strains. For example, when crossed with Haze, the Dutch Haze strain is born. 

The flavor of Dutch Treat cannabis is primarily fruity with hints of mint and herbal essence. Whether it be flower, edibles, or oil, this strain retains its earthy, minty, and fruity flavors. When smoking on some Dutch Treat cannabis, many consumers feel a smooth, pine aftertaste. Physically, the buds are a mix of light and dark green with stringy orange hairs. Although Dutch Treat is technically an indica dominant strain, it appears and often feels more like a sativa.

Dutch Treat by West Coast Cure

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Dutch treat is typically a smaller plant when grown indoors. However, outdoors it grows far beyond five feet. Another positive about the plant is that it flowers within six to eight weeks when grown indoors. For these reasons, Dutch Treat is considered an easy cannabis plant to cultivate. For consumers thinking about growing your own plant, this is definitely one to consider. 

Dutch treat hits hard and fast, causing potentially shocking emotional and cerebral effects. This strain might be perfect for  “shower thoughts” and creative activities. Additionally, this strain might help relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. On average, users describe the high as lasting an average of two hours. Dutch treat is potentially upbeat yet relaxed: it might be the perfect balance of relaxation and elevation. Unlike many indicas that make people want to melt into their couch, this strain might provide a boost of energy within your mind and a soothing effect on your body. Sounds pretty great to me.

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