Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with Christmas following just a month after that, the food is not going to stop anytime soon. You might have to get creative in the kitchen with all the leftovers that magically appear. Dutch Treat from Sky Standard Gardens might be just what you need to get creative in the kitchen.

What caught my attention first was the packaging. Pot leaves on the ground with a graffiti-style windmill is featured on the label. Dutch Treat is written in graffiti lettering.

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat from Sky Standard Gardens

After admiring the artwork, I decided it was time to open the bag. Light and fluffy buds filled the package. A darker shade of green covered the nugs. Orange, almost Yam-colored hairs sprouted from all over. A sweet smell filled the room when I cracked open my first nug to smoke. That same scent transferred to the taste of the cannabis. The potency combined with the sweet smell in the taste was impressive. I was really spacey throughout the high.

I found myself modifying the Carne Asada Fries I was making as different flavors started to appeal together. The same logic that I used cooking these could be applied to a delicious Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, or fries. I felt relaxed after a long day at work, but also awake enough that I was able to enjoy my evening. Pick up Dutch Treat from Sky Standard Gardens for your Thanksgiving leftover needs.

Dutch Treat Cannabinoid Profile

THCA 26.3%

THC: 2.2%

Total Cannabinoids: 24.4%

You can find Dutch Treat from Sky Standard Gardens at The Evergreen Market in Auburn, WA.