The Dutch Treat strain is another mysterious strain with no known parents that’s become a worldwide staple. Made popular in Amsterdam, this dense, sticky strain has gone on to captivate the global cannabis community. Up and down the West Coast you’ll still find plenty of Dutch Treat phenos lining shelves at dispensaries. This strain will hit you with tremendous flavor and potentially take you to a heavenly place of euphoria and stress-reduction. It gives off a minty sweet aroma that would entice any cannabis consumer whether they’re new or old to the herb.

Looking at a proper specimen of the Dutch Treat strain, you’ll notice extremely tightly packed nugs. In addition to almost feeling like a rock, the resin glands will be brimming with powerfully fruity and citrus terps. Cracking a nug open feels like you’re snapping some wood, and it’ll reveal more of the minty and eucalyptus-like aromas. The weed itself is a grassy green and has light orange pistils that worm their way into the crevices of the nug. The trichomes are still plentiful, but in the heart of the bud there is a more welcoming cavern of crystals.

The Dutch Treat strain has a pretty uncommon dominant terpene profile. You don’t see terpinolene, myrcene, and ocimene coming up in that specific combination very often. This is one of the reasons this strain has kept its popularity for so long. The dominant terps may strongly lend to a high that encourages you to take a load off.

Dutch Treat Strain by Landrace Brands

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Terpinolene rarely makes it to the top as the most dominant terpene. Terpinolene can give off a multitude of aromas within cannabis, including citrus, pine, floral, and herbaceousness. Its effects may include a truly uplifting feeling. Myrcene lends more floral notes to the mix, also holding potential for zen-like calming feelings. Ocimene is another interesting terp to show up, as it has potentially uplifting properties that may make a strain more sweet and woody.

Smoking on some of the Dutch Treat strain, you may notice an immediate cerebral high that brings in the sunshine. Soothing highs may follow, as you glide on a euphoric ride into the ultimate chill. If you have a busy mind, this strain may be great for you to take it down a notch for one minute. You could smoke Dutch Treat at almost any point in the day and potentially find either the boost you need to push ahead or the brakes you need to slow down. Either way, it will probably slap a big smile on your face with each puff.

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