Prince Hood is a respected member of the dynamic duo known as H Squared, Underground Music Award winners for Best Hip-Hop duo and native of the melting pot neighborhood of East Flatbush, Brooklyn. He describes the hood as,“I tell people that I was raised by a village. That village happens to be the people of East Flatbush.”

His mom a multi-skilled individual while his dad a cab driver and part-time accountant, hard work and dual talent is like second nature to Prince Hood. Music was innate as well as he watched his dad manage his uncles’ jazz band for a number of years.

Supported and encouraged to be creative, Prince Hood saw early on that staying busy would keep him out of trouble and ultimately give him the best chance at success. A different kind of “success” than he saw out of his bedroom window. “The reality of my neighborhood is based on the dealers, fiends, gangsters, pimps, and prostitutes. That was normal where I grew up, but I wanted more. Everything was right there as soon as I came outside. Gunfire rang out through the night, weed smoke filled the air. Add in a mix of Hip Hop and reggae or soca and you will understand the colorful environment I grew up in.”

By high school Prince Hood would turn to sports, excelling on multiple fields. He was one with the in-crowd at Lafayette High school. By college, he would succumb to the party life and eventually be suspended from the Mount Ida College football team. He took that time to invest more interest in Hip Hop as he saw his roommate and a fellow student going hard in a makeshift studio in the dormitory. “Sa Dubble and Brainstorm were my homeboys at the time and they were always recording. Brainstorm ended up being the son of legendary Force MDs manager Rob Franklin. He had a label and asked me to join.”

Prince Hood would join AFRO Productions and rise to the rank of general manager as well as acting as in-house producer for the imprint. From booking shows, and delivering instrumentals, Prince Hood would bolster his skill set and when the time came from him to move on from the collective he was ready to move into a position working with Strong Island Radio and Drahma Magazine under Ray Daniels and the late great Craig Herring. After a few years, he would return to hands-on work with artists joining a new label, 456. There he would meet his eventual rhyme partner Hi$tory Inda Makin.

A short while after, as a result of their chemistry and fruitful work together under the label the two would branch out and launch H Squared and subsequently their own imprint, Swavorland Entertainment. Their debut, The Introduction Of would hit in May of 2010 (hosted by DJ Don Demarco) and be followed by The Year of the Swave. In years to date, the brand has forayed into short films and comic relief working with the likes of Swave G Hookah as well as their artists Punch Loc and G.G. Adonis. Over the years they have sponsored concerts alongside Smoke DZA and Vinnie Chase.

Prince Hood’s catalog has been strengthened by his MixtapeIsh release of late 2016 which featured single Swave on It featuring Hi$tory and Bajan Sparrow, produced by Jahlil Beats. Fast forward to summer 2018 and it is all about his latest, effort, an EP titled Appreciated. Listen to it below: