In the business world where electronic music and social media collide, your connections are what can make or break you into the biggest name in the electronic music scene. EDM is the third most popular genre of music in the world. Relationships with EDM blogs and news websites are what content creators need to be pushing to have themselves known in the industry. While many start their dreams by moving to LA, building a relationship with these brands will get you even farther. incorporates mainstream media with rave culture. They cover topics like video games and movies in popular media that have been influenced by electronic music. is one of the most well-known media names in the industry. Creating a connection with them is a step in the right direction towards your social influence in the industry.

15 EDM Blogs Every Producer/ DJ Should Build A Relationship With

Your EDM

Your EDM specializes in keeping its followers up to date on the latest DJs. They cover everything from new music from your favorite artists to conducting in-depth interviews with big-name DJs. Your EDM is a website with a major following that could mean a big opportunity for your brand to grow.

EDM Sauce

EDM Sauce keeps its following up-to-date with the latest live streams and events in the rave community. They update you on the latest virtual festivals happening every day. EDM sauce gives opportunities for a career and advertising as a producer or media representative, making it an excellent source for growing producers and artists.

15 EDM Blogs Every Producer/ DJ Should Build A Relationship With

Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut is widely popular for its coverage on the newest music videos and the latest mixes on popular songs. This company offers an in-depth feature page that gives both new and established artists a chance to showcase themselves and their songs on a larger platform.

Magnetic Mag

Magnetic Mag covers content relating to being a new producer in the rave scene and how to make a start. Additionally, you’d find articles about learning to produce music as well as covering EDM current events and posting new music releases.

Respect My Region

Respect My Region is a Seattle-based company that focuses on local music releases and content on cannabis culture. We cover music content on EDM, hip-hop, reggae, soul, R&B, rock, indie rock, and pop. Equally, we feature cannabis culture from both the consumer and business sides, combining stoners and music lovers. We strive to position your content in front of a wider, more diverse audience. Aside from blog-writing, Respect My Region has over six years of experience running ads for music artists.

EDM Tunes

EDM Tunes is a great platform to connect with festival content and the latest news and music in the community. They also provide updates in the latest technology and offer opportunities to sponsor your content on their site. EDM Tunes is a brand to keep in contact with as a producer on the rise to success.

Ear Milk

Ear Milk specializes in curated playlists on their website, including electronic music news. They update their fans on all of the current electronic music content. Ear Milk covers many different types of genres, allowing your featured content to reach all types of music lovers.

Daily Beat

Daily Beat keeps its followers updated on new festivals, events, and showcasing new artists. They do in-depth interviews with DJs and explore new sounds within the electronic genre. Advertising yourself with Daily Beats and creating a relationship with this brand can advance your status in the music industry.

15 EDM Blogs Every Producer/ DJ Should Build A Relationship With

Mix Mag

Mix Mag offers a broad range of EDM content curated for its followers. Whether you’re into fashion, technology, music or festivals, Mix Mag offers entertainment for everyone. Connecting with this company can be a major turning point in an electronic music career and can get your name out into the rave scene.

We Rave You

We Rave You is one of the biggest rave culture-based magazines and is a major influence in the electronic community. They keep their followers entertained and informed on the latest news and music. With over 1,00,000 followers on their social media, marketing yourself with this brand could be a make or break for your career.

Run The Trap

Run The Trap features the latest updates on your favorite DJs and producers. They specialize in new music updates and the most recent remixes. Building your brand with Run The Trap and promoting your music with them is a great opportunity to boost business.

This Song is Sick

This Song is Sick specializes in sharing the latest music with their audience. Their content is 100% music-based and gives its listeners an opportunity to discover new artists and genres of music. Creating a relationship with This Song is Sick will give you a wave of new listeners and will help build your brand.

EDM Maniac

EDM Maniac offers content on rave news and current events. They largely focus on updates regarding festivals and upcoming shows. They also offer music promotion and advertising to artists to allow their music to reach a larger platform and tickets to local events in the LA area.

EDM World Mag

EDM World Mag is a smaller brand on Instagram but still has relevant and interesting rave related content. While the bigger brands may have a bigger following, you can’t sleep on the small brands that make a big impact. EDM World Mag focuses on trending EDM content and artist releases worth studying.

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