Elevate Cannabis Co. grows incredible terpene rich flower despite their cramped setting in a gloomy south Seattle industrial park. The building used to be a laundry mat and was completely rebuilt and retrofitted for a custom tier-two cannabis facility. Elevate was started by Corey Lord, Shane Reese, and Jessica Fort. Their operation started in Colorado before moving to Washington and entering I-502 in 2015. Elevate quickly carved out a niche in the industry and demand for their products remains high entering the last quarter of 2018.

Tom Bout has been with Elevate for seven or eight weeks but already shares the same passion for Elevate Cannabis Co. that made their products state renowned. His passion comes from decades spent in the cannabis sector. Bout toured us through their modest facility, no more than five grow rooms and a crawl space that was converted into a drying room.  While space is limited, Elevate’s flower experiences unbounded development with special care to growing methods and the plant’s social environment.

Plant Life

Elevate Cannabis Co is a full pesticide-free grow, choosing to use predator bugs as a natural pest control solution. The bugs come in white packets that are hung on the marijuana plant stocks. The predator bugs live for a couple weeks; constantly eating until they meet their eventual demise.

Elevate Cannabis Co Is Where The Wild Terpenes RoamBout believes a healthy environment is key for vibrant cannabis plants; not only the humidity, ventilation, lighting, and temperature, of the plant’s room, but the social and communal environment the plants live in. The employees spend time with the plants and play music to boost the plant’s mood. It sounds woo-woo, I get it, but plants are living creatures. Many of the best growers around the state have relayed similar formulas for turning out fire chronic while spending time in each one’s respective garden. Cannabis plants have somewhere between seven to 10 weeks to become the best versions of themselves and every little bit helps with fickle products with a quick turnaround. Elevate’s love and care goes a long way to boost their plants potential, despite a dreary and cramped setup.

The Strains

Elevate’s strains are carefully selected to fill their menu with unique offerings, market trends, and go-to classics. Many of which were close to being harvest ready. The entire facility was filled with terpy aromas; complex mixes of sweet-berries, citrus, and pine clung to the hallway walls. Bruce Banner is Elevate’s golden child, a strain that carries the load like Beastmode during a 30 carry game. Dark Horse Genetics created Bruce Banner by breeding OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel, per Leafly. Bruce Banner is great for everything, Bout says. Bruce Banner is a true hybrid with sweet-berry and diesel aromas. This strain can be found in a bunch of creative concentrate mixes like Banner Glue terp sugar.

Elevate Cannabis Co Is Where The Wild Terpenes RoamDon’t confuse the Purple Pie strain for Purple Punch. Purple Punch may have out-worn its welcome in the industry, but Purple Pie has yet to make its presence felt. A cross between UW Purple and Cherry Pie, Purple Pie exudes berry, cherry, and earthy aromatics, and was juicy to the touch in its final weeks before harvest

Exotic Genetix created The Sauce by breeding a Green Ribbon male with GG#4 female, per Leafly. This strain has a unique lime-citrus and diesel terpene profile.

Elevate Cannabis Co Is Where The Wild Terpenes RoamSour Tangie is an east-meets-west sativa and a classic for good reason. Combining East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie creates a turbocharged sativa. Sour Tangie brings about an energetic creativity that many other sativa-hybrids can’t match. This strain was hanging to dry, fresh from harvest, its pungent citrus-orange smell overpowered neighboring strains.

The Future

Elevate is bringing two different Lemon Meringue phenotypes to the market in the near future. They keep pushing their strain library forward with other forms of product development like terp joints. Terp joints are one-gram pre-rolls that are infused with organic food grade terpenes. Flavors include apple, grape, strawberry-banana, orange, strawberry, and pineapple. These pre-rolls pack a punch in the flavor and effects departments, but the terpenes don’t overwhelm the flower’s taste like artificial flavoring does.

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