Elevate is a welcoming cannabis dispensary in the heart of Old Town Lompoc, CA. They greet every customer as if they were close friends or family. The importance of valuing the customer at the highest level is at the epicenter of Elevate’s operations. Coming into their dispensary, medical and recreational customers will find a commendable variety of products. Alongside highly competitive pricing, Elevate features an intimate buying experience with two checkout counters and one express counter.

Their waiting room has a comfortable modern feel to it, and their showroom borderlines on state-of-the-art. Elevate entices you into an authentic cannabis buying experience that’s both satisfying and immersive. Open every day from 8am-10pm, their staff comes ready to give each customer the amount of time they need to make a comfortable decision. There’s no rush when you come to their dispensary, but there’s still an air of expediency within their operations. If you can’t make it to the store, Elevate is also delivering to Lompoc and its surrounding areas.

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Elevate dispensary has a number of discounts. Veterans and seniors get 10% off daily. Early birds who show up from 8-9am get 15% off their purchase. The run a happy hour from 2-3pm where you can get 15% off at well. Night owls coming in from 8-9pm are able to secure 15% too. Returning customers should consider Elevate’s loyalty program they have available. Racking up points will secure you a sizable discount down the road.

Sought After Brands

No matter where you look on Elevate’s menu, you’re going to find some of the most popular cannabis brands in California. As one of the leading dispensaries on California’s Central Coast, they strive to maintain a highly-curated selection of products. Some of the immediate brands that stick out are Buddies Brand, Connected Cannabis Co., Alien Labs, Summit Boys, STIIIZY, and Ember Valley.

Product Recommendations

With so many options on the menu, it serves to pick out of a few favorites for recommendations. Elevate is one of the easiest places on the Central Coast in California to find big names at competitive prices. For concentrates, I saw they have the Trainwreck strain in Buddies Brand’s Liquid Diamonds Live Resin. The patented method of single-source extraction Buddies uses really brought out the crazy terpene profile on this energizing and stoney treat.

Looking at the available options for flower, there are several affordable options I’d grab for twisting into a blunt. The moongrown Sherbacio from Alien Labs is only $35 before tax. I’d be willing to spend this amount to try some of this famous strain from Sherbinskis.

For edibles, I’ve been really enjoying infused beverages lately. THE FIZZ has a Natural Cola with 10mg of THC in it that looks like it’d quench my thirst. The price is reasonable at $5.50 before tax as well. This might be a great addition to a filling lunch on a hot day.

I usually bring up topicals here, but I wanted to shed light on another edible. Papa & Barkley have a full sublingual and topical line for their Releaf topicals. Elevate carries a 1:1 CBD:THCa Releaf Tincture from them that has a total of 450mg of cannabinoids. This would definitely lend me some aid with relaxing for the evening. It might also give me some pleasant pain-relieving effects.

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