Mae Bereal, the founder of LAV8 CBD (pronounced Elevate), is truly passionate about the healing properties of cannabis. After focusing her work on THC for three years, Mae wanted to create a brand that emphasizes a holistic approach to cannabis and is able to create a global impact. LAV8 CBD’s mission is to provide its consumers with high quality, natural, products, and educate skeptics about the benefits of the plant.

Mae meticulously selects the ingredients that go into her products and makes sure each additive has a purpose in the formulation. All of LAV8’s ingredients are both organic and sustainably sourced. In addition to the wonderful ingredient selection, each product made is full-spectrum.

In this interview, Mae Bereal discusses her mission to redefine the cannabis industry and the motherly love that goes into her products.

LAV8 – Exclusive Interview With Mae Bereal

Taken from Instagram: @lav8cbd
RMR: What was the inspiration behind LAV8 CBD?

Mae Bereal: “Because I was involved with THC originally, I understand the rules, regulations, and boundaries that we’re held by. I wanted to get cannabis to consumers globally and the distribution of THC products was pretty limiting. We’re only able to sell THC to California, for now. On the CBD side, you technically can ship worldwide. I created this brand to build that market and bridge the gap. It’s important to educate people on the cannabis plant and help bring understanding to the misinformation out there. I want to give people the proper information by using this platform with LAV8.”

RMR: What sets LAV8 CBD apart from other CBD brands?

Mae Bereal: “Attention to detail and the true love that goes into every product that’s made. I’m a mother of four and I take a small portion of that into the product formulation. Every product I make, I want to feel comfortable giving to a child, a senior, even those who suffer from skin conditions that prevent them from using other skincare products.

Each product I make is organic. Every ingredient in my products is USDA certified as organic. The only thing that isn’t USDA certified would be the hemp oil. I source the highest quality ingredients you can possibly find and each ingredient is intentional. I know a lot of brands like to include filler in their products, just to get the bottle to the top. We don’t have any filler in our products. There’s always a specific reason why an ingredient is included because we want our products to help with a multitude of different things.”

Mae Bereal: “The most popular products we have had overall would be the LAV8 500mg Body Balm and the Rose Body Oil. The Body Balm helps with so many things, so I understand why people love it, but you can use The Rose Body Oil from head to toe. Many people who use The Rose Body Oil on their face have said that it replaces their normal skin routine. At this time, our Rose Gold line is becoming more popular. There is a higher milligram dose in these products and each item contains real 24 karat gold.”

RMR: What role does CBD play in improving one’s skincare routine?

Mae Bereal: “CBD is proven to help enhance our skin in many ways, so my purpose behind the creation of these skincare products was to add to the CBD versus watering down its effects. Hemp as a whole is beautiful and does many different things. CBD helps with inflammation, it helps calm down acne, and it hydrates the skin. With the products we create, we conduct thorough research on each ingredient that we add to it so it creates the entourage effect. That’s one of the reasons I use full spectrum. It’s better to use the cannabis plant as a whole so all the cannabinoids can work together in the way that they were intended to. I keep the oil as pure and natural as possible.”

RMR: What is your approach to ensuring the quality of your products?

Mae Bereal: “Each product is handmade, and we inspect everything individually. We keep our ingredients consistent and always source from the same locations. If I’m sourcing shea butter from Africa, and then switch my source to China, the product is going to be different. I want each item to have the same smell, the same effect, and the same quality.”

RMR: We’ve seen a cultural shift in the past couple of years. The stigma behind cannabis has begun to lift and CBD users have become much more common. Have you noticed this change since founding LAV8?

Mae Bereal: “I think the field has opened up quite a bit and it’s on its way to becoming greater than we ever thought. A lot of people have been fed wrong information by media like the D.A.R.E. campaign and Reefer Madness movies. People have always had this negative outlook on the cannabis plant. I have spent a large amount of time helping to remove that negative stigma and educating people properly about the cannabis plant.

I’ve spoken with a lot of people and helped them make the transition to using CBD products, despite preconceived notions. Many people don’t understand that there are products on the shelves of Target that literally contain CBD. People are going to become more accepting as we continue to take the time to educate others. People who were originally against cannabis are now using CBD products and giving amazing testimonies. If CBD works really well for someone, they’ll go tell their friends, and that starts a whole community of educated people.”

RMR: Is there going to be any upcoming product drops that we should be keeping our eye out for?

Mae Bereal: “I’m going to be dropping a CBD candle. About 6 months ago, I posted the prototypes on our Instagram. We’re working on the formulation right now because I want to make it so pure that you can use the oil on your skin. The melted wax that is left over after the candle burns can be used to massage on your skin and it will actually purify the air as it burns. Most candles release nasty toxins and we wanted to do the opposite of that.”

RMR: Where is the best place to purchase LAV8 CBD products?

Mae Bereal: “Our website. Right now, we’re making things really convenient by offering free shipping for everyone. Soon, we will be in many stores in many states, but given the circumstances, we’re growing very slowly.”

RMR: What do you see for the future of LAV8 CBD?

Mae Bereal: “Honestly, I see the brand being in everyone’s hands. I picture LAV8 becoming a household name that everyone associates with quality products and amazing results.”

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