Ellis Prescott is a man of many talents. He built his brand, TownENT, into a pillar of our music scene with his videography. Many people, myself included, had no idea he was also a talented musician himself. El just released his debut album, In Love With Heartbreak.

Stream Ellis Prescott In Love With Heartbreak

It was a very nostalgic experience for me listening to this album. From the jump, the album takes me back to my late childhood and teenage years. I was definitely not smoking weed already, but I would get lost in a world of R&B staying up late into the night. Those feelings come every once in a while and between this album and the strain I smoked, I was feeling it.

“I don’t want to love too fast, I don’t want to trust too soon. I just want to put you first, I just want to make this last”

Ellis Prescott – Last With You (Phora Interlude)

P. White produced half of the beats on the album. As well, he recorded mixed and mastered the entire thing. Also notable for production, the esteemed Ruby Room duo of Nima and Elan stepped in for the infectious track, “Love Fever” featuring Parisalexa.

Ellis Prescott Might Have Released The Hottest RnB Album Of 2019

In Love With Heartbreak is smooth, soulful, and sensual. Prescott brings catchy lyrics together with a beat that subconsciously makes you hit a slow grind and roll your hips. I know a lot of work went into a record when it sounds effortless from the first listen. After running through the album once I was like, “Yep, this shit’s hot.” Three spins later, and I’m singing along to every song in my kitchen while making lunch.

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