Eloi El is a talented artist and producer from Kigali, Rwanda who first flickered onto the scene at the age of 20. Producing the Los Angeles based pop artist Daria V’s debut single “Calm Down.” They have also partnered up on the track “Outer Space.” Eloi has been steadily working on his craft, as all great masters must do, he is working towards his 10,000 hours. Recently releasing his pop-EDM track “Frozen.”

“Frozen” is a song about feeling stuck, frozen in the ice. Something has been keeping Eloi down, left feeling cold at his core and unhappy. But he knows he will never break, staying strong as he continues his dream. Slowly chipping away at the ice.

A somber message but delivered with a fun poppy vibe that could suit the club scene. Definitely a song to get wavy to with its trance influences and EDM style. Eloi perfectly bridges the gap between turnt and chill. Creating an almost euphoric feeling of wanting to dance and move around but hearing the melancholy and angst in the track hold you back just enough to keep you within your self and just moving around, vibing.

Eloi El – “Frozen”

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