We all live in the same world, hoping we can leave a lasting impression when we are gone. To do something so impressive, so rememberable, you become “Legendary.” This is Emanuel Brown’s focus as he gives us his final single for the year not tied to a project. Featuring talented J. Symone, this track shows Brown’s hunger and drive for the game. If this summer wasn’t a clear and cut sign for you, this is more than a hobby for Emanuel Brown.

Name dropping iconic GOATs like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Emanuel holds the bar high for himself. His assiduous nature drives him as he follows the road to his own greatness. A lot still lies ahead for Emanuel Brown as he keeps working to become “Legendary.” But, from Virginia to Seattle he has worked his way up and fought for his opportunities. Looking to grow not only as an artist, but as a person, as someone his baby boy can one day look up to and say, “my dad did that.”

Everyone wants to be “Legendary” but not many people want to put in the work. But, keep in mind, it’s never a guarantee. Sometimes, even when you do grind every day and pay your dues. It just may not work out. But, that day-to-day hustle, work ethic, and passion is reflected in your craft. In the end, that’s what people are going to remember.

Emanuel Brown (feat. J. Symone) – “Legendary”

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