Underrated. A word I’m sure many of us can relate too. Holding an acidic undertone that rakes at the very soul of a driving creative. This is how Emanuel Brown is feeling as of late. You’ve been seeing him put in the work all summer as we’ve practically chronicled his grind. Each month he’s dropped a new song with a corresponding music video from “Gas” in July to “Can’t Stop Me” in August. It’s time for his monthly track and it’s called “Underrated.”

Tired of seeing all these xan’d out, face tatted kids going for their fifteen minutes of fame. Emanuel lets loose just straight up telling us “saying I ain’t better than your favorite that will all change.” Even if you don’t know it yet, he does, his time to blow in our city ticks closer and closer. Like an alarm, you’ll soon be woke to the Emanuel Brown movement. My favorite part about this track does not only do Emanuel give us more of that edgy, hard-hitting flow that I talked about it past write-ups. But, the beat also includes fiery violin that creates this sense of urgency as E Brown is done being undervalued and underappreciated.  

Emanuel Brown – “Underrated”

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