Shasta County, CA is home to a facility like no other for creating craft cannabis. Ember Valley is growing a wide range of premium phenotypes in the largest indoor cultivation facility in the entire state. They’re able to yield crazy huge crops that can supply the entire state with their sought after buds. You can currently find them at thirteen stores up and down the Golden State.

Recently, Ember Valley came to the Sonoma Fairgrounds in Northern California for the second Hall of Flowers cannabis trade show. They made more than a sizable buzz. Some of the strains that they’ve been working with lately include Zookies, Mimosa, Ice Cream Cake, Dosi White, and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies.) You may have even seen High Times give nods to their potent products on social media within the last year.

Ember Valley Is A California Cannabis Brand Every Cannaseur Should Try

Ember Valley’s spacious facilities give them their own unique growing environment to cultivate cannabis worthy of any connoisseur’s head stash. With terraced growing rooms, and enormous high-ceiling veg rooms they have the space to pump out a wide array of genetics. As a company, they believe in upholding the original tenacity of cannabis culture in their operations.

Sundae Driver by Ember Valley

Through strict service standards, integrity, and dedication they have nearly 50 employees on their staff grinding to produce some of the finest cannabis in California. From cultivation to consumption, Ember Valley is there with a small village to see that it’s done right.

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