Emerald City Comic Con 2019 or more colloquially known as just ECCC 19 stormed through Seattle, feeding of its inhabitant’s enthusiasm and imagination. Now it’s off to slumber for one year’s time before it makes it return. This was my first ever comic con and it was one of the most inspirational sequences of days I’ve experienced.


The first day was so overwhelming. Not only is there too much to see in one day’s time, but the convention space is MASSIVE. ECCC 19 took up all six floors of the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) and several large conference rooms in the neighboring Hyatt Regency hotel. I spent the first day figuring out the lay of the land and getting my bearings straight. This streamlined the navigation process for the remaining three days.

The showroom was the slowest and it made it easy to check out every booth. From classic comics anywhere from $.50 to $7000, to toys, art, books, tabletop games and collectibles from almost any beloved comics, cartoons, anime, and pop culture property.

Friday & Saturday

This was when the festival lit up. The cosplayers were out in full force posing for photographers and chopping it up about costume making secrets and techniques. This year’s hottest costumes had to be Miles Morales and Captain Marvel, riding the wave of two of the biggest comic movie releases in the last year. Some people put more effort into their costumes than most people put into their kids and it was beautiful to see. Fandom is a special culture that understands that art isn’t possible without their support. And amazing cosplay is one of the best homages an artist can receive.


The last day was fast and furious. The showroom was difficult to move through because it was absolutely packed. Everyone was in a mad dash to spend the rest of their money and find that perfect addition to their collection. I found myself in the same mindstate, combing over every table to make sure there was nothing spectacular I missed.

Best Time Spent During ECCC 19

Without a doubt, the best time I spent at ECCC 19 was in Artist Alley. Artist Alley was where the majority of the top writers, illustrators, colorists, and inkers were stationed. Not only did I meet Tim Sale, one of the most legendary Batman illustrators of all time, but he also signed my copy of his award-winning graphic novel Batman: The Long Halloween. I also got the chance to interview the co-creator of Spider-Man-Noir, Fabrice Sapolsky. His story as a lifelong comic fan who immigrated from France to America to pursue a career in the comic book industry was powerful.

Buying art is cool, but having a conversation with the artist who created that new piece makes it more special. Knowing what goes into a piece and the artist’s inspiration behind it makes it that much more amazing when you hang it on your wall.

Emerald City Comic Con 2019 Gallery